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Yes, fang-less.  The newly released "Twilight" has dashed my hopes to see this phenomenon saga do well on the silver screen. All I've got is a typical, weak, corny movie-  a far cry from what's in the books. I am a bit (not entirely) upset with was put out.

I am one of gazillion of readers out there who fell in Love with the Twilight saga, and throughout the year, we've been patiently waiting for this movie to come out, and follow every single trailers and spoilers of the movie, the official ones also the fans-made. I put Paramore's "Decode" on the 'repeat' mode on my iTunes to cure the yearning towards the movie. And million of readers out there, who has bought the album movie soundtracks, MONTHS before the movie was due for release. Geez!


The script was weak, weak, weak!  Kristen Stewart's (Bella) narration throughout the movie irritates me, big time. The script and the scenes were not effectively and properly elaborated. And you should properly watch the faces of the vampires; I can vividly see their make-up lines! I know that the ( hot) vampires should be milky pale, cold and blah,blah,blah, but they should properly do the make-ups! The milky pale,  with pink lips Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) looks like those junkies model in Calvin Klein ads. And Bella's MAS luggage bags under her eyes, were vividly seen (maybe Edward consumed too much make-ups, nothing left for Bella). And not to forget, the scene when Edward revealed his darkest secret in the woods, and show Bella how his skin will look like under the sunlight; it was unforgivable. What's the heck with the cheap-glittery-fairy-tale effects? God.


The main character in this movie is EDWARD CULLEN. He was described as a handsome, unblemished,  rich, good-looking, and very attractive young man with impeccable, perfect fashion sense (see how many times I use the Adjectives?) And the Edward Cullen in the movie was poles apart from what was portrayed in the books. Edward, in the movie, clad in the same, boring, dull gray peacoat and worn-out jeans. Urgh!

It's a BLAH!

I can't type about this any longer. I need a good sleep. I'm frustrated! and I mean it. Maybe I should continue by typing the positive parts of the movie tomorrow.


p.s: Maybe I should wait and leave this movie review-ing task to Hafriz. I sound so silly and totally suck in this.
p.s.s: I put Paramore's "Decode" with 'repeat' mode on. Again.


Anonymous said...

KECEWA weyh! Ak x snggup nak blog psl movie td.. lets just hope New Moon will be a better movie WITH better budgets, production crew and script writers.. haih.. twilight, twilight :-(

Anonymous said...

it was that bad? waa x sangke. hmm well you falter my hopes a bit of watching the movie. im not so jealous anymore. :))

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wily? well i ain't thrilled enuff to watch it since never heard of the books themselves! haha..

and the actor ain't exactly mcdreamy-ish as well. wonder why all the hysterics to him?

he didnt stand out as cedric diggory so I kinda overlooked him.

but then again, who am i to criticize him?

*nak download TWILIGHT zone lah* (:

Anonymous said...


Nashy and I were actually quite upset and frustrated when we looked at the line of casts.. maybe because they just don't fit..
maybe it's just us..

you proved us right..

but mojha.. seriously?
it was that baaad?


hope you recover from the frustration soon though..


Anonymous said...


It's not THAAT bad.
It's just not up to what I expect for.


Anonymous said...


Let's just hope that New Moon will be much better than this.

Anonymous said...

Wawatul Adawiyah,

Hahaha. The books are good, better than any other chic-flic books that we usually read. It's a pop-culture phenomenon and has redefined the meaning of chic-flic, just so you know.

But. The movie was not up to the standard. I know that the movie will never turn out to be like the movie, but somehow or rather, the production house should make it as interesting as possible, yes?

Girls went hysterical for him. Hahaha. I don't know why. But he's just perfect for the role, i must say. He did a good job.


Anonymous said...

Soltary Ace,

Maybe I want thos movie to look "book-perfect" which is impossible, that's why I feel terrible after watching it.

Not THAT bad,
Just not up to the standard.

It's just that.
It's just me.


Anonymous said...

wah... moja betul2 kechewa.

Anonymous said...

hurt. again.

and the short name for my name is SOLACE.

Anonymous said...

Aisyah Sinclair,

When I read back this post this morning,
I laugh to myself!

What the heck?!


Anonymous said...


Hahaha. You should see it first, maybe it's OK, for you. Who knows. Maybe It's just me who's being emotional here. Hahahaha!


Anonymous said...

Hey, where's that poddle(betul ke aku eja)on the sky nye pic?

Anonymous said...

fang-less sebab ak tak ada..
the real fang!

padan muka!

Anonymous said...

Ean Mode,

Still in my handphone
(It's a bit unclear. Hehehe)


Anonymous said...


I definitely will re-watch it again, soon.


Anonymous said...

i wonder what will be more successful/popular in the long run, Twilight or Harry Potter

Anonymous said...


It's a vey stiff competition, I must say.
But I'll cast my vote on Twilight.

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