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Suddenly I feel like tagging people. My boredom leads to this insane behaviour, I think. 

So I opened my Friendster account and replying the Ramadhan and Merdeka wishes that I got. I wonder why they are so rajin to give those fancy messages and images. I always gave people just the plain text as a reply to their messages. Thanks to them anyway.

Hari ini saya ingin menceritakan tentang Featured Friends saya. Yes, it does sound silly but who cares, I HAVE to post something today. Addicted in blogging and crapping around.

1. Ijat

My bestfriend since I was in MRSM. Now he's studying in UPSI (hahahaha) and probably singing 'Kami Guru Malaysia' at the very moment I'm writing this. Sucks in Maths like I was and no.1 fan of Anuar Zain (wtf?). 

Similarities: Ipoh mali, Educational background.

2. Adif Faidz

Another bestfriend when I was in matriculation program. Posses a pair of profusely sweating palms and bad handwriting. Proud of Indonesia and Anwar Ibrahim no.1 fan. Shit. And both of us are desperately looking for wife candidates. Hahahaha!

Similarities: Politics, Religion, Girls, and yes, BAD handwriting.

3. Ban

Yet another bestfriend of mine. A big fan of Chip Foose and highly interested in car fabrication. His Honda Wave is his bestfriend. Hahaha!

Similarities: None.

4. Zaireen

Innocent, naive guy. Crazily in Love with a Taiping-girl right now and studying meds in Indonesia. We (his tutor-mate) called him Beeno owing to the fact that his albino-ish skin. Hahaha!

Similarities: Crap in mathematics. Damn.

5. Mizan

My best gossip partner. Hahaha! Possess a very, very, very good writing skill and nasty mouth. Don't mess with him or you shall pay even nastier price. 

Similarities: Hollywood, MRSM Taiping.

6. Qaliff

A poyo fella from MMU. Another failed product of MRSM Taiping, just like Mizan, Ijat and me. Hahaha! A very, very good Muazzin when we were in MRSM. Bdw, he got an iPhone. isk.

Similarities: Crush over iPhone


I wonder when will I put a GIRL profile as a featured friends. That's all for today's crapping session, fellas.

Now I can finally do my assignments.



Happy Ramadhan, people. Don't forget to tarawikh! 




[I Want]

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I'm bored.
So I came out with these random pictures and try to relate each with my dreams.

These what I'm hoping in the time ahead:
1. A library. For me, her (berangan) and ours.
2. A Shire-like neighborhood, less Desperate Housewives please.
3. A home. A shelter. A house. A roof over my head.
4. I want to drink more plain water. No kidding.
5. Write a book and get it published. InsyaAllah.
6. A camera to capture the smiles and tears.
7. Travel. Travel. Travel.
8. Bake cupcakes with my kids during weekends.
9. 4/5 of us together under one roof. Me, her and our 2/3 little angels.
10. Hear my angels chomping on the cereals.
11. A fish spa.
12. iPhone. iMac. MacBook. iPods. iLife!!

p/s: more dreams coming!


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I have MEDSI interview tomorrow at 1 pm. Tomorrow might be the writing, personality test and will be followed by the Interview on November 3. 

IF I were able to somehow get this scholarship, that means I will be serving as a lecturer in any polytechnics that scatter around the country. I will do my best tomorrow but my heart still in vague. I don't know whether I really want this, or vice versa. 

I am visionless, dreamless and aimless, to date.

I used to have a dream- I want to be an airline aviator. But due to some occurrences, the dream has shattered into tiny pieces and now, here I am studying and keep on sinking my face into things that I didn't like. One not-so-good thing about me is, I NEVER failed any interviews that I've sat. So, every decisions will be left for me to decide, to be or not to be. And I loathe it the most. So I will end up turning off the offer or just go for it and eventually found it didn't suit me at all. More time wasted. 

Therefore, from this moment, I pray to Allah that, if this job/offer/scholarship is not meant for me, or there are better opportunities for me in the time ahead, just let me FAIL the interview. I don't want to end up in bafflement and continuous regrets that might affect me later on.

The sun is going down on me.




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"Dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask"

Recently I saw something that inspired me to go further and chase my dreams; my friends. The beauty of their dreams is they're not merely daydream about it, but they dare to make small steps in chasing what they want in life and try hard to drag the dreams out of vagueness into the reality.

They hunt down their dreams.

01. Miss Nyonya Fantasy / Wan 

Blessed with good look with and infinite confidence, she decided to try her luck in the showbiz and currently looking forward to be one of the casts in the 3rd season of Kerana Karina. Now, she tremendously in dire need of our support to make it becomes a reality. 

"Karina, kalau you sedih, just let it all out!
Tapi lepas tu, I tak nak tengok you menangis lagi... ok?
I nak tengok you senyum selalu, Karina.You're a star...you're strong!
You kena percaya pada diri you!"

p/s: She's a beauty WITH brain, OK?! DL tuuuhhh! 
Vote for her dream here.


02. My Noona / 'In

I was informed by her that she's going to an auditions of Sunsilk  shampoo's commercial. (The irony is, she never use it!). She's also enthusiastically anticipate in stage performing and I bet she can shine pretty well if enough efforts were given into it. Despite of her health problem, I bet Lady Luck was still smiling on her!

p/s: Don't break her heart, or I'll break your neck! 

03. Nani

This talented fella is blessed with mesmerizing enviable voice. I've heard she's singing since I was in the pre-degree program and she is indeed the next big thing! Keep on lullabying us with your great voice!

p/s: I'm her no1 fan!!

04. Wan Chai

You've heard his voice. This Anuar Zain wannabe (hahaha) really can bring the roof down! He sings almost everywhere, KBox, toilet, kenduri(s), events and etceteras. He once tried his luck in the previous AF, but luck seems not to be on his side, next year maybe?


My dreams are still vague and in a condition of uncertainty. I blame my dreamless night sleep for this occurrence. Damn. 

Keep me inspired! Tell me your dreams!!!! 

[GrowUpFast, Malaysia!]

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Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai

Sesungguhnya tidak ada yang lebih menyayatkan
dari melihat bangsaku dijajah
Tidak ada yang lebih menyedihkan
dari membiarkan bangsaku dihina

Air mata tiada ertinya
sejarah silam tiada maknanya
sekiranya bangsa tercinta terpinggir
dipersenda dan dilupakan

Bukan kecil langkah wira bangsa
para pejuang kemerdekaan
bagi menegakkan kemuliaan
dan darjat bangsa
selangkah beerti mara
mengharung sejuta dugaan

Biarkan bertatih
asalkan langkah itu yakin dan cermat
bagi memastikan negara
merdeka dan bangsa terpelihara
air mata sengsara
mengiringi setiap langkah bapa-bapa kita

Tugas kita bukan kecil
kerana mengisi kemrdekaan
rupanya lebih sukar dari bermandi
keringat dan darah menuntutnya

Lagi pula apalah ertinya kemerdekaan
kalau bangsaku asyik mengia dan menidakkan,
mengangguk dan membenarkan,
kerana sekalipun bangganya negara
kerana makmur dan mewahnya,
bangsaku masih melata
dan meminta-minta di negaranya sendiri

Bukan kecil tugas kita
meneruskan perjuangan kemerdekaan kita
kerana rupanya selain memerdekakan,
mengisi kemerdekaan itu jauh lebih sengsara

Bangsaku bukan kecil hati dan jiwanya
bukankah sejak zaman berzaman
mereka menjadi pelaut, pengembara
malah penakluk terkemuka?
Bukankah mereka sudah mengembangkan sayap,
menjadi pedagang dan peniaga

selain menjadi ulama dan
ilmuan terbilang?
Bukankah bangsaku pernah mengharung
samudera menjajah dunia yang tak dikenal
Bukankah mereka pernah menjadi
wira serantau yang tidak mengenal
erti takut dan kematian?
Di manakah silapnya hingga bangsaku
berasa begitu kecil dan rendah diri?
Apakah angkara penjajah?
Lalu bangsaku mulai
melupakan kegemilangan silam
dan sejarah gemilang membina empayar

Tugas kita belum selesai rupanya
bagi memartabat dan
memuliakan bangsa
kerana hanya bangsa yang berjaya
akan sentiasa dihormati

Rupanya masih jauh dan berliku jalan kita
bukan sekadar memerdeka dan mengisinya
tetapi mengangkat darjat dan kemuliaan
buat selama-lamanya

Hari ini, jalan ini pasti semakin berliku
kerana masa depan belum tentu
menjanjikan syurga
bagi mereka yang lemah dan mudah kecewa

Perjuangan kita belum selesai
kerana hanya yang cekal dan tabah
dapat membina mercu tanda
bangsanya yang berjaya


I desperately want to meet TUN!!!!


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Anektod  Budak Kampung 4: Sungai, Mesin Basuh dan Anak Cikgu Disiplin

Sudah lama rasanya tidak pulang kekampung halaman. Jika pulang pun, tidak lagi seperti dahulu. Sungainya kian cetek, hutan-hutan makin kurang bilangannya. Pemergian saya tempoh hari ke FRIM di Selayang membuatkan diri ini melayang-layang kembali semasa di kampung.

Kampung saya banyak sungai. Walaupun saya kerapkali bermandi manda disana sambil melihat anak-anak dara atau makcik-makcik tua sedang membasuh baju keluarga, saya rasakan saya masih belum mampu berenang. Entah kenapa. Seronok bila disungai, banyak aktiviti-aktiviti luar fikiran boleh dijalankan. Paling seronok bila mandi di pagi hari. Brrr…. Sejuknya memeluk tulang! Dikala itu 2/3 makcik akan turut ke sungai untuk membasuh. Sebuah papan khas dibina seakan-akan jeti untuk kerja-kerja membasuh baju. Saya pernah bertanya, “Makcik! Makcik ada mesin basuh macam dirumah saya, kenapa tak guna?”. Makcik dengan selamba menjawab, “Jimat elektrik, nak..

"Oooo" Saya terlopong. Dan kembali menyelam.

Dulu, saya seorang pengawas sekolah. Dari darjah dua hingga darjah enam. Saya berkawan baik dengan seorang lagi pengawas, Faez Iftiqar namanya. Abang nya, Hafez Iftiqar, bakal doktor dan penulis yang saya segani. Faez adalah anak Cikgu Termizi, Guru Disiplin saya paling gerun waktu persekolahan dulu. Sekali dijerkahnya, bisa terkencing! Cikgu Termizi juga seorang guru yang bertanggungjawab terhadap pelajar OKU. Dan, kelas OKU lah yang paling cantik dan mewah. Ada skateboard, ada meja dan kerusi warna-warni, ada peti ais yang dalamnya, tersusun air botol berkarbonat yang amat meruntun jiwa. Saya dan Faez kerapkali menyeludup masuk kesana dan menikmati kemewahan kelas OKU tika mereka tiada. Air berkarbonat mereka dalam peti ais pun, kami minum. Sehingga satu hari kami terkantoi dengan bapanya. Mungkin sebab Faez anaknya, dan saya pengawas, hukuman keatas kami terlepas.

Berpeluh dahi.

p/s: Anektod 3,2, dan 1 adalah anektod dahulu. Dipost semula kerana penulis berasa homesick.


Anektod Budak Kampung 3: Banjir itu Indah

Tiada yang lebih menyeronokkan dari musim tengkujuh bagi saya dan sepupu-sepupuku. Biasanya apabila musim ini tiba, kami bersiap-sedia dengan rakit dan pelampung. ‘Google’ murah yang di kedai runcit ‘makcik Jah’ berhampiran bagaikan pisang goreng panas. Didalam kekecohan dan kerisauan emak dan abah kami mengalihkan barang-barang berharga ke atas rumah, kami juga sibuk mengepam pelampung, mengikat anak-anak pisang untuk dibuat rakit. Amat meriah!

Banjir itu indah. Dikampung saya, Alhamdulillah, tidak pernak banjir meragut nyawa penduduknya. Mungkin hanya ayam, lembu atau kambing yang tidak bernasib baik diragut nyawanya oleh Allah. Sebaik sahaja air melimpahi benteng dan tebing sungai, ‘pesta’ kami pun bermula! Biasanya ianya akan berakhir apabila jeritan emak saya memanggil pulang kerana kerisauan atau dentuman halilintar deselang dengan panahan petir yang membuatkan kami terdiam dan terkontang-kanting lari kerumah masing-masing. Faktor terakhir yang bisa membolehkan kami pulang dan berhenti bermain ialah apabila salah seorang dari kami ditarik atau di’piat’ telinga oleh ibunya atau libasan rotan berbisa ayah saya. Pedih.

Itulah zaman indah kanak-kanak. Tak perlu fikir panjang-panjang dan dalam-dalam. Tak macam sekarang, perogol dan pencabul dimerata-rata tempat. Tiba-tiba saya terkenangkan Adik Sharlinie. Dimana agaknya anda? Saya mendoakan anda bisa pulang kepangkuan keluarga yang merindui anda. InsyaAllah.

Anektod Budak Kampung 2: Sungai, Ular dan itu Tahi

Rumah tinggalan arwah Tok Rasdi terdapat sebatang sungai dibelakangnya. Jaraknya seperlaung cuma dari dapur emak saya menyediakan masakan setiap hari. Di sungai itulah saya dan sepupu-sepupu yang sebaya bermain dan berendam sehingga demam dibuatnya. Pada satu hari, tandas yang saya panggil jamban dirumah rosak. Jadi, emak menyuruh saya melepaskan sahaja hajatku disungai itu. Saya tidak suka bila disuruh kesungai kerana saya risau dilihat orang dan juga kerana kadang-kadang sedang enak kami bermandi–manda, kelihatan benda asing berwarna kuning terapung-apung dari hulu sungai. Ya, itu tahi. Berlari-lari kami naik ke darat kerana kegelian sambil menyumpah seranah sesiapa yang bertanggungjawab atas ‘pencemaran’ itu. Menyambung kembali misi melepaskan hajat, saya terpaksa meredah semak sambil melaung kearah emak yang berjanji untuk melihat saya dari jauh.

Mak, tengok laa Lee. Takut ada babi!” teriakku yang berhenti seketika ditengah-tengah semak untuk memastikan ibuku sentiasa melihat. Tiba-tiba saya terasa sesuatu sedang bergerak dikaki saya. Alangkah terkejutnya bila melihat seekor ular kecil sedang berada tepat di buku lali saya dan lidahnya yang bercabang itu jelas kelihatan terjelir-jelir.  Mak, ulaaaaarr!” saya menjerit dan memecut berlari kembali kerumah. Kerana hakikatnya, besar atau kecil, ular tetap ular. Menurut emak, saya demam beberapa hari dan hanya melepaskan hajat keesokan harinya.

 Mungkin ular itu hanya ingin berkawan.


Anektod Budak Kampung 1Ulu Kenderong, Tok Rasdi dan Lembu

Saya masih ingat bila saya menetap di kampung kelahiran Emak saya, Kampung Ulu Kenderong di Gerik, Perak. Saya tinggal dirumah papan bercampur simen warisan arwah datuk saya Allahyarham Rasdi yang saya tidak pernah sempat melihat wajahnya. Gambarnya juga tiada. Penduduk kampung memang kenal benar akan Datuk saya. “Oh, mu cucu Tok Rasdi ko? Beso dah cucu dio ni ha, ado muko dio sikit-sikit” kata warga-warga tua dikampung yang terlopong bila melihat saya. Terkenal dengan ketegasan dan kegarangannya, Tok Rasdi adalah ketua kampung yang amat disegani. Tok Rasdi, cucu mu bangga akan mu! Semoga roh-mu dicucuri rahmat.

Saya rindukan suasana kampung yang begitu mendamaikan. Dengan tahi lembu berterabur diatas jalanraya, itu tidak pernah menjadi masalah kepada penduduknya. Kelibat kambing dan lembu mudah dilihat merata-rata. Ayam daan itik pula tak usah dikira banyaknya. Jika anda bernasib baik, keluarga babi hutan melintas boleh dilihat juga.

Lembu ada tanduk! Lembu ada tanduk! Lariii!” teriak kami apabila melihat kelibat lembu jantan yang gagah perkasa dan kelihatan bisa menanduk, memijak, melenyek dan meratah kami hidup-hidup.

Saya benci akan lembu dahulu. Terutamanya yang mempunyai tanduk dan kelihatan besar dan garang. Orang tua-tua kata, jangan pakai baju berwarna merah, risau kalau ditanduk. Jadi, bila saya dan kawan-kawan pulang dari bermain disungai, saya akan menyelit dicelah rakan-rakan, walaupun tidak memakai baju merah. Kadang-kadang saya dan membaling batu kearah lembu-lembu yang tidak berdosa, tanda protes atas kehadirannya. Hakikatnya, lembu itu tidak pernah menanduk sesiapa. Kasihan lembu. Maafkan saya lembu jika lebam dan sakit badanmu. Tapi mungkin anda telah menjadi korban AidilAdha dikampungku. Berkorban untuk manusia. Sungguh mulia dari diriku, manusia yang hina. 


~ ~


This is the BEST book I've ever read to date.

My favourite genre of reading is definetely something spiritual, motivating and doctrinal; I Love books that make me wonder, think and cry. That would be a good book according to me.

I feel like sharing this book to everyone that I know and to those who are unbeknownst to me just because this book; The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, is so inspiring and there's a lot of positivity and energy in this book! I've read this book in four sessions;

1st session: MPH Bookstore, 20-30 mins (August 19)
2nd session: Before bed, approximately 1 hour (August 19)
3rd session: In Chip's car. Yes, I can read in a moving vehicle. 1 1/2 hr. (August 20)
4th session: Dataran Pahlawan's McD. 5 minutes.

Randy Pausch ( October 23, 1960-July 25, 2008 ) was totally an amazing man. He was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and this book is about his last lecture that was delivered in September 18,2007 in Carnegie Mellon University. Realizing that he had only very few moths to live, he decided to live it in a very meaningful way; but not just for himself but also to those who are around him and around the globe. I am now, one out of thousands of people who had been touched by his last lecture and I am indeed very thankful for it.

You cannot change the cards you are dealt. Just how you play the hand.


For more information, click any of these links:

Official Page of The Last Lecture. Here.
The Wikipedia. Here.
YouTube. Here.


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Yeah, our maiden baking tryout turned to be just fine! Check out Aimi's blog for more details regarding this very healthy and fatty (?) activity we just did yesterday. Alhamdulillah, we had so much fun, fun, fun in doing it and we returned home with full stomach too! (that what counts, for me) Hehehe.

Experiment: Baking Cheesecake & Cookies!!
Purpose: For our picnic. (its today!)
Venue: Aimi's House
Chefs: Aimi (head of chef), Tajul (the bibiq, actually), Moja, Azri, Acad and Chip
1. 3 tablespoons of friendship
2. 5 litre of laughters.The more the merrier.
3. Good-looking chefs as the toppings.
4. Siaaaaaaaaaaappp!

Hehehe! Who says we can't bake???!!!


~ ~

I think I should overcome my natural sloth and complacency. Therefore, I'm planning several plans as an aide-memoire  for me throughout this week, starting tomorrow. I might be stop blogging for a little while because I have to work out the Ethos! Book Club's exclusive blog within this week. I am thinking to do it on Blogger instead of using Wordpress. Here are the plans:


+ Go bowling with my troops.
+ Champs' thingy, off to Puchong.
+ Scrutinize Boleh-land political progress.
+ Laundry.
+ Puasa!


+ Cheese cake's maiden experiment.
+ Research on Sabra & Shatila.
+ Ethos! blog.
+ Politics! Politics!


+ Picnic at FRIM.
+ Sabra & Shatila.
+ Blog. Blog. Blog.
+ Politics!


+ Re watch P.Ramlee's "Tiga Abdul".
+ Sabra & Shatila.
+ Blog.
+ Drama.


+ Sabra & Shatila.
+ Blog.
+ Drama. 

Saturday & Sunday:

+ Saturday Sunday = Slothday. 


*edited into point forms right after visiting Aimi's blog! Hahahaha! Clean and neat!


~ ~


I was tagged by my dearest sugar-coated friend; Tatie aka Tatia. Hahahaha! 

These are my favourite TESLians' blogs throughout the blogosphere! 

1. Tatie & Shud: Why two? Well, they come in one package with quite familiar style of writing; Direct & MERCILESS. Something that I can't really do. Hahaha!

2. Afiq Acad: Welcome to the darker side of a Teslian. lol. This blog was a battleground for many times. The history of it should be remained unspoken. :P

3. Izza Izelan: The royal crapster. Not a punk, nor a hippie. Not a politician, nor a rebel. She's someone in between. Yes, she is from outter space.

4. Liyana The Witch: The best baker in town.A high-heels addict.  Do not be fooled by that Korean/Japanese/Eurasian/Bangladeshi  look, you'll regret if you mess with her. She can turn you into a frog. I'm serious.

5. Aimi & Tajul: Another package sent by heaven. Two of four sisters of the Verangans (?) will charm you with their 'Good Diva' attitude. I think they are twins. 

Click to be re-directed to their respective blog: Tatie, Shud, Acad, Izza, Liyana, Aimi, Tajul.

My berangan speech:

Keep on blogging! (sambil angkat award)

*sebak. Lari belakang pentas*


~ ~

p/s: I'll insert the link later! I somehow lost the link. : )


~ ~



There are two possible shitty issues that you have to face when you're single;

1. People might think that you're pious and weird 
2. and from bad to worse, People might think that you're Homosexual. Period

Thanks to Tatie, at last I had something in mind to write this evening. Believe me, it's hard to be single, at this age to be exact. 

For some, being single is weird. It's like you're missing something in your life. After three dysfunctional relationships (after 17 y.o), I started to think that I had enough with the temporary joys and constant heartaches. I've been reading "Aku Terima Nikahnya" and currently at page 52,( Kudos to Azie Nazri ) and finally I know what I've been feeling of late. Eventually, I realized, that I'm NOT that weird. I'm NOT a gay. I'm NOT a pious. I just follow another path in life that people try hard to hinder. 

I find joy things that revolve around me. I don't need a hand to hold mine. I don't need RM 5-ring to make me feel complete. Or constant phone calls and SMSes to keep me awake in the middle of the night. I don't need all that. AllI need right now is God, Friends and Family. That will keep me smiling and giggling all day long.

Sometimes, some people failed to juggle between 'relationship' and the other important matters. That makes them missed few wonderful everyday' lessons in living their lives. They spend less time with friends, losing focus in living life and etc. BUT, there are people who can juggle them pretty well. They know how to keep everything in balance, which is good, in my viewpoint. 

No matter what your stance in dealing with this 'relationship' issue, just make sure that you know well what you're up to, and in keeping a good 'relation' with your bf/gf, always do remember another utmost important 'relationship', which is toward our God

Life is simple.

That's all what matters.


*You're more than welcome to disagree!!


~ ~

Puisi oleh: Hafez Iftiqar
Deklamasi oleh: Fahd Razy

Maafkanku Ramallah
Melbourne, Australia
14 Oktober 2005.

Si cilik itu tegar melontar benci
batu dan iman menjadi satu.
Katanya dia rindukan atar firdausi
lantas dia mencari pada kematian.
Tatkala aku mengatakan dia mati
menyusup suara dari lembah Golan
anak kecil itu sebetulnya pencari shahid!
Hidup memisahkan dia dan cintanya
andai dia punya seribu nyawa
seribu kali dia sanggup,
dalam lirih pedih
tubuh cilik itu diarak takbir
Ramallah merayu lagi
pernah rintihmu diabaikan?
Lalu seribu lagi anak kecil menyerbu
berjejal di lorong syurga
dan aku kaku

Maafkan aku
bangsaku masih lena.


Teringin untuk menulis dan medeklamasikan sajak seperti ini. Satu hari nanti. Ya, mungkin. Siapa tahu? : )


~ ~

There is pleasure in the pathless woods;
There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes;
By the deep sea, and music in its roar;
I Love not man the less, but Nature more...


~ ~


"Sesungguhnya aku malu kerana agamamu"


~ ~

I missed  my Subuh prayer today. It seemed like nothing can wake me up today; neither my biological clock nor digital ones. I blame myself for letting me endure extreme exhaustion for three days in a row. So, today I'll give myself a rest. I hereby, officially declare that today is my "Lazzzzzzzy Sunday".

Well, I supposedly tag along with Acad, Azri and Chip to the fac (yes, again) to join a career talk by our senior, AD and Mdam Amy, but like I said, not performing my Subh prayer kinda ruined my mood a little bit. Plus, I have to clean and tidy-up my house because it definitely looks like a shipwreck.

I gave my mom a call after listening to Sami Yusuf's "Mother" this morn. I miss my mom and my home. Yeah, I am. I just can't wait to travel back to my Home this Saturday, InsyaAllah. I've been thinking to give Faez a call so I will have a companion back home. Later maybe. 


Our Ethos! Book Club seems to work quite well. While I was tidying my shelf this morning, I noticed that most of my books are GONE. Yes, I already missing them all. My books never been in the hands of a bunch of complete strangers before. So, I kinda worry and anxious about my books. It's harder that I thought but I always hope all my books are in a pink of health. :(


~ ~



Tengah terlampau malas nak update blog. Banyak kerja. Nak balik.


~ ~

Dikala sendi tidak mampu lagi berdiri
tika sesal melimpahi relung hati
ingin saja ku berlari
lari mengejar kembali Illahi
yang dulunya
ku pandang enteng
Tidak peduli
menyombong diri
diatas bumi
Yang takkan pernah bisa

[ PakLi, 30Rejab1429H ]


~ ~


I just can't STOP laughing to this!