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I think I should overcome my natural sloth and complacency. Therefore, I'm planning several plans as an aide-memoire  for me throughout this week, starting tomorrow. I might be stop blogging for a little while because I have to work out the Ethos! Book Club's exclusive blog within this week. I am thinking to do it on Blogger instead of using Wordpress. Here are the plans:


+ Go bowling with my troops.
+ Champs' thingy, off to Puchong.
+ Scrutinize Boleh-land political progress.
+ Laundry.
+ Puasa!


+ Cheese cake's maiden experiment.
+ Research on Sabra & Shatila.
+ Ethos! blog.
+ Politics! Politics!


+ Picnic at FRIM.
+ Sabra & Shatila.
+ Blog. Blog. Blog.
+ Politics!


+ Re watch P.Ramlee's "Tiga Abdul".
+ Sabra & Shatila.
+ Blog.
+ Drama.


+ Sabra & Shatila.
+ Blog.
+ Drama. 

Saturday & Sunday:

+ Saturday Sunday = Slothday. 


*edited into point forms right after visiting Aimi's blog! Hahahaha! Clean and neat!


nur aimi said...


What is Sabra & Shatila?

Btw, yeay! Can't wait!

Bowling! Cheesecake! Picnic! :-D

emomotamus said...

1. comelnyer kucing tuh!!!!
2. hurm.. banyak gaks mende ko nak wat kan
3. ikut ke pelan tu??

irmaain said...

movie ke sabra & shatila tu?
ke rencana je?
pape pun blh buat kita insaf.

tiap kali dtg je msti awk ngah malas-malasan kn.
cmne sy nk jdi stalker nih. :P

maafkn sy utk tmbh skit.
isnin = esok : puasa sunat nifsu syaaban.
selasa : baca quran.

ok2..sy bkn baik sgt tpi xslhkan mengingatkan?
syg menyayangi,ingat mengingati. :)

moja said...


Sabra & Shatila was a massacre in September 1982. Two Palestinians refugee camps were intruded and they were killed mercilessly.

I'm doing this topic for my future informative speech. (:

Yes. Cant wait!

moja said...


1. Haah. I was looking for a 'sloth' pic, but eventually stumbled upon this. Hehehe
2.Agak laa..
3. Buat je plan dulu. Ikut, x ikut no.2 sebab I've read somewhere that kalau kite listed out our plans, the probability of performing the tasks will be a little bit higher! hehehe/

moja said...


Sabra& Shatila: Read my reply to Aimi.

Stalker? Tidaaaaaaaaaak!
Bukan Ahad ke Nisfu Syaaban?

Baca Quran? Betol2! Dah 3/4 hari xbaca weyh!! (ada event!)

xsalah ingat2kan! betol2!!

Liyana said...

ahahaha..bru nk tgk movie p.ramlee...
hw old r u again???kui2
nanti aq nk wat post khas psl all my fave p.ramlee movies so tat bley 'educate' ko...haha

nur aimi said...

Owh, ok..

Good luck with that..

I've read about it on the net..

I think it's a great topic for your info speech :-)

Azie said...

oh that cat is totally the twin of my Atam!!
n yes, dia memang sangat a sloth. HAHA.

dah tau what u guys are doing for drama. ;)

moja said...


Hahahaha! Bring it on, Witch!


moja said...


Yeah, I hope so!

moja said...


Do you comparing the 'slothness' of your cat with me? Hahahahaha



(I kinda sloth, but not THAT sloth as sloth)

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