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How Starbucks Saved My Life
by Michael Gates Gill

...a great read, like a sip of latte!


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Now the deaf people may also enjoy Britney's! (the lyrics)

Update: Britney's Kill The Lights!

Britney's braille system, next? Haha


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Berjumpa Pak Samad si wira bukit, kelmarin di PKNS Shah Alam. Rugi rasanya tak pakai pakaian yang lebih senonoh dan mengenakan 'cologne' sebelum pergi menziarah PKNS.


Saya: Assalamualaikum, Dato'. Boleh bergambar bersama? I'm a fan!
Pak Samad: Waalaikumussalam. (berhenti membelek majalah) Boleh-boleh!
(Saya dan Pak Samad pandang 'kamera-telefon' milik Chip)
Saya: Terima kasih, Dato'. Semoga berjaya dalam isu PSMI, ya! (bersalaman, pegang tangan kiri Dato')
Pak Samad: Oh. Terima tasih, terima kasih.

A. Samad Said. Berpeluh buat 5 minit. Ni belum jumpa Tun Mahathir. Gulp.

p.s: Terfikir untuk membaca 68 Soneta Pohon Gingko dan Salina sekali lagi.


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Earth Hour in just a few hours!

Switch them switches OFF!


Some Earth Hour activities you can participate in are:

Friday : 27th March : 7.30pm - 9.30pm.
Call to Arms @ Urbanattic, CapSquare, Persiaran CapSquare, Capital Square
Admission: Free.
In support of Earth Hour, Call to Arms, an alliance of bands and friends, has produced a compilation album of 14 original tracks entitled "Earth Hour". The CD featured seven local bands: Altered Frequency, Army of Three, FourLetterStory, PG165, Scene at the Movies, Unabashed and Under Headlights. This special edition album is sponsored by DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd, and the 2,500 limited edition copies will be distributed free at participating DiGi outlets, as well as at various Earth Hour events.
* Find out about Deep Green, DiGi's business-wide sustainable initiative, here.

Saturday : 28th March : 8.30pm till late.
Walk of Hope @ CapSquare, Persiaran CapSquare, Capital Square
Admission: RM10, with proceeds donated to WWF - Malaysia (for children 12 years and below, admission is free).
At exactly 8.30pm, CapSquare will be turning off its lights in support of WWF's Earth Hour. Dine by candlelight at CapSquare's F&B outlets and enjoy a host of low-powered shows such as: fire-eating, brass band performance, oriental drums performance, acoustic performances and a cheerleading performance. The walk will be led by a marching band and Charm All-Stars Cheerleaders. Tickets are available at www.axcess.com.my and by calling the Axcess Hotline: 03-7711 5000.

Saturday : 28th March : 8.30pm - 9.30pm
YTL Earth Hour Celebrations @ Shook! Feast Village, Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang
Admission: Free.
The evening will be hosted by Malaysian celebrities Deborah Henry and Stephanie Chai, featuring a line-up of energy-saving activities, which will serve as examples that Malaysians can adopt in their everyday lives. Programme highlights include:

• Led by Malaysian astronaut, Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, who will share his experiences in space.

Acoustic Performances

• Be swooned by acoustic performances of local crooner Sean Ghazi and the sultry Deanna Yusoff.
• Young environmentalist and performer, Jes Ebrahim will be performing two new songs, to send a strong message on protecting and conserving the earth we live in. His performance will be accompanied by the environmental Tree Theatre Group.

Wayang Lampu by Projek Wayang
Be enthralled by the unique presentation and interpretation of shadow stage by the Five Arts Centre.

Local comedian Harith Iskander and actor Hans Isaac will also be at the event to keep thing lively.

Saturday : 28th March : 7.30pm - 9.30pm.
Support Hope, Come Celebrate Earth Hour 2009 @ Main entrance of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Admission: Free.


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I feel like going home tonight. It's a child-like feeling; when you're hurt, you'll always go back and cry at home. A natural cycle, I must say.

Sometimes in life, you will feel the emptiness engulfed you alive. There is no reasons, no pre-signs. Completely without warning and it's just go and - wham! - that was it.

The memories floored you.

Sometimes, there's a hole remains in your heart despite whatever you had in your palm at this moment in time. A hole that sometimes will let all the joy and happy feelings flushed out down through your veins into somewhere else. And the only thing left is that empty hole, with the feeling of remorse and shame. The misdeeds, the shouting and bickering, laughters and tears, jokes and anger; all jumbled together, ready to crush you down to the bones. For shame, brother!

Sometimes, you wished you can glue everything back together. Even if it will look less perfect, it would still be there, at least. How you hate the life you live now. You hated how hard you've been trying to put the best facade everyday, just to be accepted or to accept others. Being so damn pretentious. The same old routines, everyday. The same, beautiful disaster. So beautiful indeed.

Sometimes, you just have to feel the pain. Feel the razor-blade memories injure yourself. At least, after you felt the agony and pain, you'll always know that you're still alive. And still a human, after all.

Sometimes you just need someone who can see right through you. And I need it now.


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UMNO General Assembly
March 24-28

...must change to remain relevant!


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A Federal Express (FedEx) cargo plane crashed and burst into towering inferno as it landed at Narita International Airport in Tokyo on March 23, 2009.

Two pilots were flying and both lost their lives.

God bless them souls.

(via Youtube, CNN)


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This is the spanking new Agnes Monica's video, "Godai Aku Lagi". A bit like J.Lo , plus Moulin Rouge, and at the very end, Charlize Theron's Aeon Flux.

One word, AWESOME!

(via YouTube.com)

[BoOnga ft. WHI]

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Yeah, I know the quality of the picture is terrible beyond words, but just bare with it! Haha! I took this pics when I was having Milo Ais at mamak stall.

These are the pictures of the owner of BoOnga shoes being interviewed LIVE in Wanita Hari Ini this noon. Fuiyoh. Boonga is getting big, I tell you! And to Firdaus Putra and his awek, Aisyah, congratulations! and I'm your no. 1 fan (walaupun xbeli kasut satu pun lagi!) hahaha!

Visit (and order the shoes) them here!

p.s: Yang penting, made in UiTM. ahahaha!

p.s.s: Kena baca Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad asap!


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Catastrophe. Major catastrophe it is!

I'd just realized that I accidentally deleted several folders that making my Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac not working anymore. Yes, Microsoft Word is included. I have lots of assignments to do, and proposals too. Now I have to wait for Mr. Nel, master of all pirates to come back home and download me the new ones.

Shit may happen on Macs. Period.

p.s: Ridhwan, are you using the pirated Mac software too?

p.s.s: Don't tell me you've been using the pricey original one!

[Iron Bird pt. ii]

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Today we had a long, long journey, from Shah Alam to KLIA and straight to Presinct 2 Putrajaya in Chip's little Yellow Mini Coop (Kelisa, it is. haha)! We went straight to KLIA to accompany Chip to meet his friend whose going to Japan to pursue his studies. And as usual, when it comes to going airports, I will not resist. I even can't sleep, waiting anxiously to be there.

There were about 60 to 80 Malaysian students, boys and girls, left Malaysia for Japan, casually clad in jet-black coats and pants, hunting for their dreams. Like any other usual departure, emotions were exchanged, tears shed, and family and friends bid tear-jerking goodbyes. And I met Kinah there, and we wandered here and there and did practice a little drama.


Here's the situation:

Hundreds of friends and family were waving, to the students. And Acad, Kinah and I crept into the sad, emotional waving crowd and start a little telenovela;

Kinah: Siapa nak tanggungjawab kat baby aku ni. Siapa? (waving aimlessly)

Moja: Sabar, Kinah. Sabar! Dia tak bertanggungjawab!!!(waving jugak)

Acad: Ko terpaksa mintak bapak dia tanggungjawab kat baby ni! (still waving)

(abang, pakcik, makcik kat sebelah pandang-pandang, mungkin berfikir, siapakah diantara budak-budak nak gi Jepun tu yang telah 'mengandungkan' Kinah. Dan kami berlalu tergelak-gelak tanpa rasa bersalah). Hahaha! Madam Rosalind must be proud of us three.


Oh. Airports. We always have this bittersweet relationship, no? Even though I failed to be one of the "metal-tubes" drivers, I fret not. Another time, maybe. So people, baffle not. I'm still not going anywhere. Hahaha!

p.s: The little drama at the airport is my brainchild. Genius! Ahahaha!

p.s.s: I met a female pilot at the bay for the first time and I find it sexy.

(Pics: Boeing 747-400 Malaysia Airlines)


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It's 4:36 am. Few more hours to go.

Update 1: 4:57 am. Checking for 2009 MAS pilot's recruitment. Too excited. Can't barely sleep.
Update 2: 5:33 am. Can't sleep, been watching National Geographic's Worst Mid-Air Plane Collision.
Update 3: 5:49 am. Watching Hudson Plane Crash in 2009, NYC. Miracle may happen!
Update 4: 6:11 am. Adzan. Finished watching, perfect timing. Solat.
Update 5: 6:27 am. Now smells better, switch on the lights. Good Morning, people!
Update 5.2: 6:30 am. Launched iTunes, Adele and Amy Winehouse as early breakfast. Don't do Britney in the morning, way too raunchy, Moja!
Update 6: 6:56 am. Dressing up. Nice-looking little fledglings may be waiting. ahoy!
Update 7: 7:03 am. Off to KLIA, the nest of the iron birds. Gotta catch them! Bye!

Final Update: 16:34 pm. Here, back in Shah Alam.

(Pics: Boeing 747-400 Malaysia Airlines)


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Chip, Acad and I started our journey to Kelana Jaya as soon as we had our lunch and of course, performed our Solat Jumaat. We headed to KJ rather aimlessly, and crazily looking for Wisma Mayang, an old, hideous pink building that can collapse in any seconds, I think. After numerous of pit-stops and QnA sessions with the locals, we FINALLY found it!

There are like thousands of lip-smacking books there, on the tables and racks, ready and calling my names. Geez. So I quickly mosey around, from racks to tables, and back again on the racks. The (old) place is like a sauna, I tell you! Maybe I'd lost pounds by sweating like a pig in there.

I finally bought only three books to quench my lusty thirst! Hahaha! and Acad, (who has been madly in love with Siti since last night), bought 3 books too. Of course, it burns a hole in my pocket, since I'm not a son of a Datuk or YB, but it's more than enough. I think. Better little than none!

I bought myself these books;

  • Brida by Paulo Coelho
  • The Tao of Writing by Ralph L.Wahlstrom
  • How Starbucks Saved My Life by Michael Gill

Oh! Books, glorious books!

[VoteEarth! pt.ii]

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"Another way for you to show your support is by downloading the fricking wallpapers just like me."
(Ridhwan of GetGossipy)

Download a wallpaper! A brilliant idea in counting the days to Earth Hour 2009, and as a constant reminder for the hour! Go green and vote earth! SIFE and (maybe) Ethos! will do little campaign as an eye-opener for us all! Keep abreast of the progress folks!

Download the awe-inspiring wallpapers here and post it proudly in your blog. Make your laptops/Macs/Vaios/PCs proud,people! It's free, so don't be stingy!


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It's 4:02 in the morning. I'd just 're-green' my blog in conjunction with Earth Hour 2009. After 3 hours of copying and pasting, downloading and uploading, finally I did it, and I just Love the 'green' touch of it.

Better get my sleep now!
Vote for Earth!!

p.s: How was the 'Sirah Junjungan', people? Good?
p.s.s: Happy Weekend!

Update: I successfully transferred (almost) all the comments and posts from my old, Wordpress blog. Thanks to Azie !

+ PanicRoom

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Take a picture. It'll last longer. And I do believe in that!

Photographer Ryan Marshalls takes weekly photos of her wife and his unborn child. Cool, isn't? He even put some personal notes beside each photos and for me, it's ultra-creative, no?

Maybe I should consider doing this to my 'future' wife! (not clad in SUCH outfit for sure!)

The problem is; I don't even know who she is!


This is so random.

(via PacingThePanicRoom)