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I already embarked on Konsortium Bas Ekspress that is heading back to my hometown in Perak in a matter a few more minutes whilst I'm typing this on my Mac. I sat on the very back of the bus and busy checking people walking on the narrow aisle,wildly looking for their seat. Just a few minutes ago, my eyes were fixed on a woman clad-in-pink blouse, tight jeans and black tudung because she seemed absentmindedly clueless of where her seat is. As a good samaritan, I was about to ask her what is the number of his seat, but in vague seconds she asked me before my words fall out;

"Mu nyo seat nombo beghapo?" she asked me in her thick Kelantanese accent.

"Dua puluh lapan" I said in standard TV3 articulation.

"Ni nombo duo puloh sembilan deyh?" she asked again.

"Yes" I simply replied.

and she sighed. She bloody sighed. Oh, and don't forget that I'm-Gisele Bunchden-and-I-don't-want-to-sit-next -to-you kind of face. Bloody bitch.

I'm pissed.

"Kau ingat kau cantik?!" I said in low but audible tone. Well, she swiftly took her horribly-cheap-looking black handbag and finally sat on seat no. 30 with that lugubrious face. Don't play nasty with me, I give no mercy even to ladies. Don't play-play. I hope that four-words will wrap around her brain for a really long time.

Lesson: If you don't have Gisele Bundchen look, or Angelina Jolie's voloptuous figure; it's OK. Quit being delusional by acting like you have one. Because that will make you even worst and uglier than a big, fat transgendered bitch in Thailand. A nice guy like me won't be touching your boobs or vajayjay while you're sleeping! Plus, it will only be a sheer waste for the virginity of my God-given hands. Period.

Note: I'm sorry Nik Aziz, I've tried to play nice.


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I hate to say this, but sometimes I think that the politicians are the ones ruining and spoiling everything.

I was born in a darah-Keris family. Therefore, it's been in my blood since back then and both my joint family and nucleus family are the Keris supporter. I still remember when I was in primary school, I would hang the posters around the kampong and stayed up till midnight during General Election. I used to follow my dad here and there, a true Keris henchman, campaigning from house to house with the candidate and I found it very, very interesting because it felt good to watch my dad and his colleagues 'preaching' to the households. That's how I became a staunch Keris supporter too but still and all, I am not totally blinded by it.

Anyway, I am one of expanding 27 million Malaysians and totally bewildered by my homestate, Perak political circus. About 2 days ago, we saw an outrageous behaviour of how our so-called leaders in massive brawl; almost identical with the fight that broke in South Korean Parliament before. Politics is the art of the possible, but these people (politicians) are not fighting for the Rakyat anymore. It's all about gobbling and guzzling more projects, money and tenders. I am a rightist, but being a rightist didn't mean that we have to listen ONLY the rightists' dogmas; and vice versa. They have turned our Parliament and House into a bickering mamak stall where the can shout, accuse and downgrade themselves into a bunch of helpless monkeys fighting for more bananas. Are they really the best people to lead and represent us, the Rakyats? Heaven forbid that!

And to the Rakyats, stop being so obsess with those sugar-coated words from them politicians. I will never understand why people getting so psyched-up upon hearing those only-on-paper manifestos. Kudos to Anwar Ibrahim, he's a good example of a person with big mouth, good excuses, and sodomizing more promises; but lo and behold, the Rakyats with small brains still waiting for more excuses made from Nirvana. Wake up!

Sleepy Pak Lah or Pink-lipped Najib, Nik Aziz or Anwar Ibrahim; I don't fucking care.

I want my Malaysia back and no matter how thick the moola in your pocket; remember; we made you.

Update: Awesomeness. So taiko-lah our leaders!

[Muslims, Lolita & Darwin]

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I've been reading Azar Nafisi's Reading Lolita in Tehran, and I swear I could feel something inside of me is helplessly scuffling, trying to get out or to be heard. This books has become my latest triumphal opium and I found that this book is infuriatingly provocative. As the story unfolds, the readers will be surprised with several sensitive issues regarding our Religion and its devotees. Some people will definitely throw this book and consider it as total garbage and blasphemous.

While I was reading this, my oblongata is busy tracing back memories back when I was in Matriculation, and I was one of those spectacled-with-thick-coursebooks Biology students. I was all psyched up for the second semester because in Biology we will learn about the infamous Charles Darwin, the father of Theory of Evolution. But surprisingly, our lecturer, Madam Salbiyasota told us that we won't be going to study the 'Human Evolution' part due to Darwin's religious dogmas but we still able to study about his idea of 'Natural Selection" during the lecture. So we discarded that chapter.

Why we didn't learn about Darwin's Theory of Evolution?

Because 'some' people think learning the-man-evolves-from-apes-theory is blasphemous and heretical. Therefore, to ensure that the students won't be thinking too much on this theory or worst, believe in such absurd theory because this might lead students' faith in Islam went astray; we tossed away the chapter. We banned knowledge because we fear that we will subconsciously convert our children to Christianity or Atheism. We admonish our children and later generation to steer clear of 'bad' knowledge and don't even bother to read or know the real essence of the knowledge. Just stay out of it, and you'll get a pie from the skies. Bullshit.

We are so vocal in defending Human Rights but condemning the homosexuals like they worth nothing more than a penny. We never bother to find solution but so damn good in pre-judging others and their behaviors. Yeah, perhaps it's easier to held stupid demonstration against Zionism, McDonald's or Starbucks than finding solutions or even bother thinking what Islamic economic jurisprudence is all about. It is easier to point our fingers blaming un-Islamic governmental system than visiting Masjid at least once a week.

I think, sometimes we use the veil/hijab/tudung/chador/purdah/yashmak not to cover the aurat of our mothers and sisters but to cuff and purblind their eyes. Plus, from politics, education, religion, sexuality and social behaviors, we silently admonish our future children to be sore cowards; choose the same path that been followed by others in your ancestry like there is only one road that lead to Heaven.

Now are we still wondering why Muslims get left so far behind and shook our head in denial?


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This photo essay is heartbreaking but beautiful: "Katie Kirkpatrick, 21, held off cancer to celebrate the happiest day of her life. Breathing was difficult now; she had to use oxygen. The pain in her back was so intense it broke through the morphine. Her organs were shutting down but it would not stop her from marrying Nick Godwin, 23, who had been in love with Katie since 11th grade. Five days later, Katie died."


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Yesterday after (very brief indeed) meeting with my sister, she gave me extra allowance for this week, and I was over the moon. So, I persuaded Chip to go to Times Warehouse Sales at Digital Mall at USJ 19 Subang. Thanks Chip!

And I tell you, you have to go there before anyone else does because I saw (mostly chinese) people bought baskets of book! I was so jealous and right then I was hoping that I already had my own salary to buy more books. But since I'll be departed to Kelantan and Terengganu, I plan to laden my rucksack with novels. After almost one hour of hunting and searching, I eventually bought 8 books and the total damage for them books is around RM 130 ++. Phew, those extra allowance didn't last for even 24-hours in my wallet. Pantang ada duit!

I bought these title to quench my thirst of reading;

Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Andy Warhol by Wayne Koestanbaum

Meet the Wife by Clive Sinclair

Tokyo Doesn't Love Us Anymore by Ray Loriga

Long Way Round by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman

The Secret Purposes by David Baddiel

and not to forget,

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Thanks to Liyana for the Kiyosaki's book, now I can read it for FREE! phew! The bitter fact whenever you go to shop for books is; you'll always fail to stick to your list. I listed 8 books in my previous post and swear to myself that I won't buy other books; not before I obtain all these 8 books. But at least now I have 2 from those eight books! Yes, I am excused. Finished Mark Haddon's "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time" last night and the next victim will be Azar's "Reading Lolita in Tehran".

I have another exam paper on Tuesday. What the hell was I thinking?