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Sunday, September 27, 2009
12:00pm - 1:00pm
The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe
Jalan Hang Kasturi
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Macam cokelat sifar-kalori Den-dang, Puisi Poket datang lagi! Kali ini dengan puisi2 erotomania oleh penyajak expat di Indonesia, Mimi Morticia.

Dan hanya untuk satu hari, dia akan melabuhkan sauh di Malaysia, untuk menandatangani naskhah yang pasti anda tak sabar-sabar mahu miliki!


Taf Teh
Dila Raden
Adam Kasturi


Dan buat julung2 kali YANG MIMI MORTICIA akan membaca puisinya di khalayak!

Tawaran Pesanan Pra Pembelian.

50 naskhah pertama pra-pelancharan, akan dijual dengan harga murah murah murah RM10, beserta dengan tandatangan penulis.

Untuk membeli melalui pos, atau mahu ambil sendiri di hari pelancaran pada harga RM10, sila masukkan wang ke akaun berikut (untuk pembelian secara pos biasa tambah RM2, untuk pembelian pos laju tambah RM5):

nama: Abd Halim Lim Abdullah
Akauan Maybank: 114320052429

Buku kemungkinan besar akan siap dekat dengan hari pelancaran. Bila sudah siap, ia akan serta merta dihantar.

Harga semasa hari pelancharan dan seterusnya adalah RM15, jadi sediakan wang anda sebelum nasi menjadi bubur, cempedak menjadi nangka, ayam menjadi arnab, kambing menjadi lidi, dan awan menjadi hujan.

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I'm back.

(with a plan)

[Kids & Marshmallow]

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Have you ever heard of the psychology experiment about willpower, where a professor would give kids one marshmallow and tell them that if they waited to eat it until he got back, they could have two? The New Yorker ran a great story about it, and now this hilarious video shows kids having the same struggles. Oh, the temptation! Watch it!

(Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.)

(via A Cup of Jo)


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(via The Silent Verve)


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I ain't your sex partner / toy and its not funny at all.
and one more thing;

"What you did is so fucking LOW, man.
Fucking LOW."


[Merosakkan Hari Manusia Lain]

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3:30 pm.

I was sitting on the back of my girlfriend’s wagon, driving to the office. Another girl, who is my friend too, was sitting next to the driver. They were talking about boys. Yes, you heard me right.


I was annoyed.

I felt so gay.

4.00 pm.

We were sitting on the old, cheap-looking black sofa. Waiting for an important person, The Datin, in the waiting room. The discussion continues.


“Moja, apesal ko tak kapel lagi aaa?” one of the girls asked.

There was 52 seconds of pin-drop silence, before I verbalized the answer.

“Oh. Tak payah. Jadi lelaki senang, umur 30 or 35 pon boleh kahwin lagi. Maybe dengan isteri yang 20-an pulak tu” I said rather sharply and continue reading Readers’ Digest.


“You know what, I had a conversation with my married cousin last 2 or 3 weeks ago about the same bloody topic; Marriage”

“Spill the beans!”

“Ok. Macam ni……..”

… and I started preaching about my (unparalleled ) theories;

1. Girls shouldn’t be so memilih nowadays. Do you realize that the boys-girls current ratio in UiTM right now? 5 girls – 1 boy. Including the Jerks, the Romeos, the Homosexuals and the Bisexuals. Think about it. (but you can always find more boys in rehab or under the bridges, being unlicensed doctors. You choose)

2. When you said that, “Don’t worry, I can find Him when I work nanti!” . Wrong! Most gentlemen, by then, dah ada yang punya. So, you stand no chance. Unless you are Gisele Bundchen. Or Megan Fox. Or Britney. Or at least, Siti Nurhaliza. Or Fazura.

3. Reciprocal. If you want an Ustaz to be your future husband, please make sure you behave like an Ustazah too. It has to be mutual.

4. Good, ambitious straight guys clad in Marc Jacobs garments usually will resort to late marriage. Ambitions come first, girls can wait.

5. The most dangerous food is the wedding cake.

Datin finally arrived.

I pat behind my friend’s back and said, “Don’t think too much, your knight in shining BMW will come soon. Perhaps, our tradition should take the blame of turning this whole marriage-thing into rocket science.

I’m so good in ruining other people’s day.


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"Take responsibility for your education. Go to class and listen. Don't let failures define you."

[The Boy Who Cried Wolf]

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My friend and I had a chat online few months ago, and he asked, “Lee, what will you become in next 5 years. What are your plans?”. Gulp. Well, I stuttered. (can you imagine a person stutter in Yahoo Messenger? Nevermind.) I hate to say this, but I have to admit I lost sense of directions in life since the day of 3rd July 2005. Let’s not make the day as a commemoration day or something, but that was the day when my ambitions burnt into dust and vanished into thin air.

When I was 16, I have a clear, achievable objective; to be a pilot. I want to be an airline pilot so bad till I spent my 2-year Telekom’s scholarship by printing as much info as I could at the school’s library. It will cost you RM0.50 back then though. Therefore, without my parents’ patronage, I wrote a curricular vitae (CV) by referring to my English teacher. I sent the application letter stamped with RM 2 to MAS (Malaysian Airlines System Berhad), and bow my head and silently prayed for positive answer.

On a morning of June, I received a letter with a MAS logo on its upper far-right side. I squealed with joy, despite the fact that I hadn’t opened it yet. I tiptoed to my room, and read every alphabet on that plain white paper, so I don’t miss out any important details.

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

During dinner, without saying anything, I hand the letter to my Abah. I really hope that the whole family will say “congratulation” and be surprised upon my first offer letter. But, I was wrong. I was dead wrong. Abah put the letter away and my Mak scolded me for applying the career and told me there’s no way she will let me be a pilot. “With 7A’s on your examination slip, why should you resort to be a pilot? You should be worry about your enrolment to Matriculation or Univerfuckingsity. Think about it, boy!” (which later, I was offered both)

I swear I can't neither understand nor believe this fuckery back then.

And on that very day, 3rd July 2005, I was sitting in my room, crying like a sissy. Since that day, I lost my compass that got me fueled with passion and directions in things that I do. I traded off and rejected an international program, for an act of disapproval to my parents.

Now, I’m still trying to cope with my studies, without attentively pay heed to the lectures. Still in denial, I think I do not belong here, in the faculty. Am still trying to map out my future even it’s still vague and the road seems longer than I thought. Do I feel regret over the disturbance along my way?

Maybe yes, but I believe that God works in mysterious ways.

p/s: Prior to your comments, I would like to thank to friends and well-wishers that constantly reminding me about and helping me out along the way (and pardon all the bad language used). God bless America you!


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(click for larger image. You know you want to!)

My contemporary literature's lecturer Mr. Kieran Johnston said that, there are three types of "Irony"; verbal irony, situational irony and dramatic irony. I bet this would be a perfect example of a dramatic irony, maybe?

ahh..life as it is.


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This clip makes me Love Malaysia even more!


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[Selamat Sunny Sabtu]

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Terjumpa video di CursingMalay (jangan tanya ni blog apa)



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TEMAN: Kau tak nak ada awek ke?

AKU: Taknak. Nak buat apa.

TEMAN: At least, boleh clear-up rumors ‘gay’ ko.

AKU: gelak. I don’t live on other people’s expectation lah.

Kadang-kadang terlalu berbudaya pun susah. Sejak akhir-akhir ini keadaan agak merimaskan. Bukan salahkan hidup yang Tuhan bagi, tapi manusia yang.. entahlah. Malas nak digambarkan.

Rasanya isu ini bukan baru. Bila tiada pasangan untuk pergi shopping, ke library atau TESL square, orang akan mula mengata. Cuma ada dua kemungkinan untuk seorang lelaki macam ni;

  1. Dia GAY. Homosexual. Suka lelaki.
  2. Tak ada orang nak dia. Maybe sebab dia hodoh sangat, muka macam kena simbah asid.

Oh. Manusia memang tipikal. Kalau perasan, dalam kertas peperiksaan waktu sekolah pon, cikgu bagi 4 pilihan jawapan dalam kertas jawapan objektif. Bukan dua.

Pilihan jawapan (a):

Pasal isu gay tu, aku dah tak kisah. Apa salahnya orang nak kata, tak kurang sesen pon duit elaun Encik Amin dan Puan Rokiah beri tiap-tiap minggu. Cuma kadang-kadang rasa bengang dan marah lah juga, sebab rasa macam maruah di pijak dengan sesedap rasa. Tapi bila fikir dalam-dalam, mulut-mulut longkang manusia mana boleh tutup. Kepada sesiapa yang buat isu sampah ni, moga-moga Tuhan tunjuk Gay tu apa dekat depan mata mereka. Susah betul Melayu “orthodox” ni, sia-sia usaha PM nak lahirkan Melayu ‘ultra’.


Pilihan jawapan (b):

Nak kata aku ni tak hensem, tak ada lah sangat. Allah bagi lengkap semua. Bukan tak ada perempuan cuba bermiang-miang (lelaki pon ada), walaupun muka tak seberapa. Tapi pelik sangat ke lelaki tak ada pasangan? Umur baru DUA PULUH DUA. Perlu ke aku ikut semua trend-trend sampah yang bersepah? Ada awek untuk apa? Kahwin? Maaf, dalam akaun bank aku, masih tak cukup nak beli cincin Tiffany & Co untuk bakal isteri. Owh, mungkin awek untuk stok masturbasi? Atau buat diri rasa lebih dewasa serta ber’komitmen’?

Apa-apa saja alasan nya. Baik kejar pahala dari dosa.


Kekalahan paling celaka adalah apabila kau tunduk pada kehendak semua.