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[The Boy Who Cried Wolf]

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My friend and I had a chat online few months ago, and he asked, “Lee, what will you become in next 5 years. What are your plans?”. Gulp. Well, I stuttered. (can you imagine a person stutter in Yahoo Messenger? Nevermind.) I hate to say this, but I have to admit I lost sense of directions in life since the day of 3rd July 2005. Let’s not make the day as a commemoration day or something, but that was the day when my ambitions burnt into dust and vanished into thin air.

When I was 16, I have a clear, achievable objective; to be a pilot. I want to be an airline pilot so bad till I spent my 2-year Telekom’s scholarship by printing as much info as I could at the school’s library. It will cost you RM0.50 back then though. Therefore, without my parents’ patronage, I wrote a curricular vitae (CV) by referring to my English teacher. I sent the application letter stamped with RM 2 to MAS (Malaysian Airlines System Berhad), and bow my head and silently prayed for positive answer.

On a morning of June, I received a letter with a MAS logo on its upper far-right side. I squealed with joy, despite the fact that I hadn’t opened it yet. I tiptoed to my room, and read every alphabet on that plain white paper, so I don’t miss out any important details.

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

During dinner, without saying anything, I hand the letter to my Abah. I really hope that the whole family will say “congratulation” and be surprised upon my first offer letter. But, I was wrong. I was dead wrong. Abah put the letter away and my Mak scolded me for applying the career and told me there’s no way she will let me be a pilot. “With 7A’s on your examination slip, why should you resort to be a pilot? You should be worry about your enrolment to Matriculation or Univerfuckingsity. Think about it, boy!” (which later, I was offered both)

I swear I can't neither understand nor believe this fuckery back then.

And on that very day, 3rd July 2005, I was sitting in my room, crying like a sissy. Since that day, I lost my compass that got me fueled with passion and directions in things that I do. I traded off and rejected an international program, for an act of disapproval to my parents.

Now, I’m still trying to cope with my studies, without attentively pay heed to the lectures. Still in denial, I think I do not belong here, in the faculty. Am still trying to map out my future even it’s still vague and the road seems longer than I thought. Do I feel regret over the disturbance along my way?

Maybe yes, but I believe that God works in mysterious ways.

p/s: Prior to your comments, I would like to thank to friends and well-wishers that constantly reminding me about and helping me out along the way (and pardon all the bad language used). God bless America you!


sYukCurz said...

bro. wake up! the world not end yet. there is stil a chance 4 you to archive ur ambition. but b4 dat u've a responsible to fullfill with. dat is ur parent ambitions. when the time comes, u'll be a great pilot.

Liyana Hanim said...

god bless america??citt..hahah
man,tats why ur obsessed with the model plane tat u bought frm me..weih..
dun freak out but my house skang dh byk model plane keliling...even on top of the fridge & shoe rack!!wtf
my dad is selling them to lotsa ppl ever since u asked to buy em'..turns out ramai org nk bli dowh!so since my dad gets a never ending supply of model airplanes,he's making passive income out of it!coolness

Jack-O said...

naaa.. what a disappointment u got there. tp xpela, mungkin kite xnmpk rationale nye skrg. but esok lusa who knows kn..?

*instinct org tua slalu nye btul. pcayela.. (n if xbetul skalipn, berkat tu penting. k?)

sharman said...

i just want to say, its never too late. have a better day.

Nashrah Khan said...

moja, u still bley fly. nnt u keje and kumpul duit byk2 and go apply for ur flying license kat flying club. it can burn a hole in ur pocket, but if its ur passion, i dont think u will care:) insyaAllah!

like sharman said, its nvr too late! (buat2 cam i knal je sharman ni.)

Moja Amin said...

(susah nak sebut)

Thank dude. Thats made my day! :))
Thanks for dropping by! Visited your blog. Nice!

Moja Amin said...


Alaaaaa. Tak boleh dapat FREE ke?
Pwettyy pweasee??

Moja Amin said...


Tu la, I try to remind myself abt that too. Hopefully.

Moja Amin said...


Visited your blog. It was in blood red. What happened?
Thanks for them words, have a better day too!


Moja Amin said...


Tu lah pasal. I should get over this ASAP. 4 years already lah.
Hehehe! Sometimes bad, bad memories slap me across the face.
I'm okay!

Sharman tuh MR PILOT lah Nashrah! (stalker mode)
Awesome issit?

sharman said...

to mojo: just a bad day in the sim. but anyways, like i've said before, hope to hear good news from you soon!

and these comments made me laugh... thank you! hahaha... humour was need ;)

to nashrah: takkan tak kenal.. dulu masa kecik kite main kejar2 sama semua, tak ingat dah?

hehehe... hi nashrah!

Moja Amin said...


(its MOJA lah) hahaha!
Oh. I hope God will send me good news too, instead of these shitty assignments. Kan Nashrah? Assignmnts suckssss!

Oh bdw, Nashrah & me love planes. (ye ke nash?)
We plan to hijack a plane and fly across the atlantic. Don't worry, we'll start with MAS' plane.

sharman said...

MOJA! sorry!!!

thank you. wait for their airbus380s to come la... lagi best... boleh main hide and seek!

Moja Amin said...


Pfft. Now I'm SOOOO jealous.
Hahaha! Bestnya! can play futsal some more!

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