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We had a very tiring but quite fun and enjoyable day. Dragging my butt off my cozy blanket was a real hard thing to do in winter-cold Saturday. Luckily, we had shitloads of fun with Professor Madya Hajah Zaiton, she's cool and she's deputy dean for God's sake!! ALL Surias & Siakaps were cramped into the same class. What to do? Inseparable. Here are some of crappy edited pictures that our Paparazzi, BJ throughout the session. Enjoy!

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    My favorite session is build-up-your-business activity. Wan, Fira, Acad and me  are so excited of doing it. We named it ProjectKami- The word 'project' is English 'cause Fira wrote it wrongly. Hehe. Our proposals:





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Loves memory has traced our outline in this place. 
But will the spider remember, or the sun?
Did the water capture our faces in permanence?
Does the wind create us anew as it blows?
Did the shadows from the trees record our passage beneath them? 
Our secret been revealed.
Yet I have told no other. 
I write these words in silence, in mute testimony 
To what once was. 
But our image remains alive in this place. 
It can not be removed. 
You, me, 
We then,
Were here. 
We saw the day and hoped for tomorrow. 
We caught a brief glimpse of love's promise. 
We were not liars, 
But thieves of time. 
For now time has now forgotten us,
Yet our memory lingers, and love remembers
This place that was ours.