Up | Down



~ ~
He sits in a darkest corner,
Counting memories that fading away,
Flipping empty pages of his diary,
He cries,
But no one seems to care.

He walks in the crowd,
He stumbles over stony road,
Pain strikes him,
He refused to cry,
At least, not this time.

As he walks to the only place he knew,
He looks up to see the crowd he walks in,
Everyone too consumed in their masquerade,
Everyone walks, swollen with pride.

This place has saw everything,
The moment he weeps, smiles and laugh,
He put down everything on the ground,
The promises, the dreams,
The hope, the smiles,
The pictures, the songs,
The pain, the memories,
He lit up fire and burns everything up.
He waits in tears till it turns to ashes,
This is the last time he will cry,
He will no longer live in dismay,
He's gone.



~ ~

I don't know what I feel of late. I lied to myself again to make everything ok. Now I know that sometimes, I just can't have it all. So, I decided to move on and never look back. Too many memories to be erased, to many people ached me, too little time to heal and too many trials coming through my way. I failed too many times in relationship; family, friends. I don't know what I should do. Deep inside me, I feel alone even though too many people revolve around me. I can't find a single thing to believe in. I'm losing my faith. I can't find anyone to talk to. My memories distort my thinking and it pains me so much. I'm tired of running to nowhere. I'm tired lying to my heart that everything will turn out fine eventually. I try to act strong, but I'm too fragile inside. But hang on Moja, let everything burns. Let your dream shatter to pieces. Let your anger reigns. You'll find a place to hold on to somewhere, somehow. Be strong and never look back. You will move on and smile from your heart again. I know you will.