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How to forget me.

1. Take a deep breath. Let fresh air fills your lung, each branching passages. So the oxygen can pass slowly into and carbon dioxide be removed.

2. Open your eyes. To the good old days and impossible possibilities.

3. Walk. Walk away from that memory lane. Keep them safely in a box and start forging ahead. Never look back.

4. Run. If you need to. From me, from the shallow past and from uncertainty.

5. Love. Find love in the eyes of others because I'm not all you need. Find love that makes your heart go fonder and knees go weak.

How to forget you.

1. I run away.

2. I run away.

3. I run away.

4. I run away.

5. I just run away.


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Kadang-kadang aku fikir, kita manusia sebenarnya hanya ada diri sendiri untuk bersandar.

Bagaimana dengan kawan?

Pernah rasa sakit hati? Pernah berkawan rapat? Perasaan bila hati diremuk-remuk macam kertas surat khabar yang hanya penting pada hari ini, esok sudah boleh buang. Lepas tu buat lap kuah Maggi yang tumpah. Sial betul.

Kau, tutur kata kau dan senyum manis kau boleh pergi mati.


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Friday. I think I should write more frequently to keep my sanity or go nuts. No, I'm not depress with my life now and heck I LOVE it more than ever. I just wished that a hidden papparazzi would stalk and blog about me, hence I don't have to bother to blog about myself anymore. Pfft.

Okay kids, let's sum up everything in ten minutes!

1. There's a new Qantas plane on my desk. I LOVE it very very very much. Thanks, Tatie. Ailebiuhh!
2. Whoa! Willow!! in 3/4 weeks. Break a leg, people!
3. My SIFE team is going strong. I have so much faith in this year's team. Let's karaoke!
4. Had a short vacation in Taman Negara. Went young and wild for three days with a bunch of crazy fellas.
5. A feminist interviewed me during an event in Shah Alam. I still cant find the video though. Erghh.
6. Too many projects to handle. It's a good training ground, I believe.
7. I bought a new black wallet. It looked like a leather wallet, but I hope its not. Pity the animals.
8. I think Tublr is a cool thing. Work it, Mizan! :D
9. Oh oh oh! Went to ex schoolmate's reception ceremony. AWESOME. It felt so good- reuniting with long-lost friends and reminiscing those memories. :)

50 more minutes before Zohor. I shall take a nap now. (sunnah okay!) :D