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Friday. I think I should write more frequently to keep my sanity or go nuts. No, I'm not depress with my life now and heck I LOVE it more than ever. I just wished that a hidden papparazzi would stalk and blog about me, hence I don't have to bother to blog about myself anymore. Pfft.

Okay kids, let's sum up everything in ten minutes!

1. There's a new Qantas plane on my desk. I LOVE it very very very much. Thanks, Tatie. Ailebiuhh!
2. Whoa! Willow!! in 3/4 weeks. Break a leg, people!
3. My SIFE team is going strong. I have so much faith in this year's team. Let's karaoke!
4. Had a short vacation in Taman Negara. Went young and wild for three days with a bunch of crazy fellas.
5. A feminist interviewed me during an event in Shah Alam. I still cant find the video though. Erghh.
6. Too many projects to handle. It's a good training ground, I believe.
7. I bought a new black wallet. It looked like a leather wallet, but I hope its not. Pity the animals.
8. I think Tublr is a cool thing. Work it, Mizan! :D
9. Oh oh oh! Went to ex schoolmate's reception ceremony. AWESOME. It felt so good- reuniting with long-lost friends and reminiscing those memories. :)

50 more minutes before Zohor. I shall take a nap now. (sunnah okay!) :D


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