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I finally updated my blog, damnit!

It’s been awhile, being away from this blog. Phew. Today, I took few hours hours to actually scroll down and re-read my previous posts. Some of them are quite funny, immature and silly, I must admit. But yes, that is the real portrayal of my life few years back. Some of the posts are so bloody emotional; its like a torrential of emotional breakdown; betrayal, sadness whatevershit.
This blog really rocks my socks off lah!
After almost a year, being a lazy bugger (of not updating, writing anything), I decided to resume writing – simply because the fun of it. 2010 is really, really been my BEST, AWESOMEST year so far. I embarked on crazy life journey; make loads of friend (and few enemies) along the way; and I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR 2011 reveal herself soon.

Cheers to this (blogging) revelation!


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["Who's that?"]

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"Sometimes you wake up, you look at yourself in the mirror, and start to question yourself,
"Who is that?"
And only then you will know how lost you are.”

[My 90-days of Headache]

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I'll be leaving them in few more weeks. And that would be a very, very mixed feeling.

[ A Quickie ]

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"SIFE may not give me everything I need in life, but it gives me ever supportive friends and courage to make ideas & dreams happen.

And that's good enough for a dreamer like me."

[ Mak ]

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Ahad, 3:51 Pagi.

Lee ni bukan jenis orang yang ingat tarikh, semua nya kena tulis dalam planner. Esok niat nak bangun awal-awal, call mak dan ucap "Selamat Hari Ibu", dan minta maaf mari mak kalau ada buat silap. Sebab Lee banyak dosa dan berterima kasih dengan Mak. Lee tahu Lee bukan anak yang baik dan Lee tahu mak ada harapan besar untuk Lee. Tapi dulu, Lee selalu hampakan perasaan mak waktu dulu.

Awal-awal Lee lahir, dah susahkan mak.

Mak kena buat Caesarean section, maknanya doktor belah perut mak untuk lahirkan anak mak yang seorang ni. Tapi mak tak pernah merungut. Mesti sakit kan mak?

Mak ingat waktu Lee tadika?

Mak tunggu Lee dari awal sampai habis kelas. Mak kayuh basikal tiap-tiap hari untuk ambil Lee kat tadika. Mak ingat waktu keluarga kita kena halau dari rumah mak sendiri? Lee tak buat apa-apa, sebab Lee kecil lagi. Mak tak masuk universiti macam mak orang lain. Mak tak pandai cakap bahasa inggeris tapi Lee tahu, mak tak nak anak-anak mak hidup susah macam mak dulu. Mak usaha supaya anak mak sama pandai dengan anak orang lain. Mak berjaya. :)

Mak ingat waktu Lee tingkatan 5?

Mak dari jauh bawak Tom Yam kegemaran Lee ke tempat Lee belajar. Apa Lee buat? Lee tak sentuh pun apa yang mak bawak. Lee tak sentuh langsung, sebab Lee marah Mak tak benarkan Lee jadi pilot. Lee terus balik hostel, tak salam dengan mak. Kak Long cakap Mak menangis dalam kereta sebab sedih. Lee berdosa, mak. Mak saja mampu ampunkan dosa Lee.

Lee ingat waktu Mak masuk bilik Lee sebab Mak ingat Lee dah tidur. Mak cium dahi Lee. Mak kata mak ampunkan Lee. Mak usap lembut kepala Lee dan doa pada Allah yang Lee diberikan yang baik-baik dalam hidup. Lepas Mak keluar, Lee menangis sorang-sorang.

Sekarang, Lee dah sedar mak. Walaupun xmungkin mampu nak balas budi baik Mak selama ni, Lee dah tak nak buat mak kecewa tapi Lee nak mak rasa bangga dengan Lee satu hari nanti.InsyaAllah.

Lee sayang mak.

Mohamad Zulfadli bin Mohd Amin.

[ PakCik Freud ]

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( via Mizan's "Silent Verve" )

Love // Fear // Admit //Affection // Kills
Ouch. Menusuk kata2 Pakcik Freud ni!

[ Robin Sharma ]

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Robin Sharma is in Kuala Lumpur! And yes, I shall pass this opportunity because I apparently I have no RM 2000- RM3000 in my pocket to pay for the ticket. I can't wait to have a steady career and hopefully he will come by to Malaysia again soon. I will definitely go!!

He's totally an awesome & inspiring man.
Good luck for your presentation tomorrow. :)

[ The Greatness Guide ]

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Highly motivating. I know weeks after this will turn to be hectic with meetings, practices, auditions, forums, whatever and I need as much doses of motivation as I could to endure them. This is my new drugs :)

[No Goodbyes]

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Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.
~Flavia Weedn

I'll definitely miss this bunch of people soon. I hope Allah will give them the best options in life soon after they've graduated.


"The Balcony Tragedy"

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"The Balcony Tragedy"

by J.R.R Jebong


A fearful night that put four young men's bravery at test. A paranormal activity. Based on a true event.

April 30, 2010, Friday

Four homies trying to break free from an intruder in their living room. Survival is a must. It's a matter of life & death, to kill or be killed. Who will scream his lungs out? Who will be chickened-out? Who will be running to the balcony? and WHO will save the day?!

Remarkable quotes:

"Ko buat ah Chip. Aku kesian"

(Kharul Azri)

"Pakai penyapu buat apa?! Pakai KOMIK!"


"Aaaarggh! Aaargh! AAAAAArgghh!!"


"Aargg! Ak xbleh, Ak xbleh! Aku panik!


"Pap! Pap! Pap! (bunyi pukul)"



[ Seeing Double ]

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Mr. Diva


Ms. Tough Cookie

(yang tengah tu tak kira! :P )

[ Ms.Tough Cookie]

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Dear Miss SIFE UMS,

I'm late, I know. SORRY! :D

Happy birthday! We may not know each other that well, but I'm looking forward to meet you soon in KL. We have plenty of things to do with our Diva, Syafique Daniel too who apparently not emotionally stable at the moment. We shall throw a party soon and do something to mobilize youth in Malaysia. *nerd alert*

I hope this year would bring with it all the success and fulfillment your heart desires. And your best years are still ahead of you, so hunt them down and achieve every possible dreams. NERD FOREVER!

p/s :Being 22 is cool I tell you! You're not getting older, but getting better!

Yang Benar,
Fadli Moja Amin


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Al- Fatihah
Adik Aminul Rashid Hamzah

[ Aunt Izza ]

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Dear my (future) son / daughter,
You have to read this;

Dear son/daughter of Moja who is yet to be borned,

i am a good person, and i want to be your godmother. your father has been a really good friend of mine, and i want to return the favour. i will give you cool presents for all your birthdays, record all your antiques on my phone, bring my children to play with you and share their toys, and shower you with love like you are my own.

i hope you grow up to be like your father, or better, and i anticipate your birth to this world.


your aunt izza.

Isn't that sweet? You already have a godmother! This is from my friend Izza, I'll make sure she won't take you for a bungee-jump, not until you are 16. Hahaha!

[ Photos ]

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This is random, I know. But bila ada girlfriend / tunang / wife nanti, I want photobooth's photo like this to be in my wallet, my desk, my bedroom side table, my kitchen, and my office.

Pictures with mini-me or mini-her also would be even cooler. Can I have a family and a good career now? I want to be a cool, successful, nerdy dad. Yes.


This is far more bizarre that the previous, but suddenly this idea pop-up out of nowhere in my medula oblongata: "What if my son / daughter be reading this years after this? Internet would likely be here like forever, right?" Ohoho! Shitzo. See? Dad loves you even before I met your mother. Be good because Dad loves you!

I should stop this madness and prepare for my maiden talk session NOW!

[ The Diva ]

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Dear beloved, handsome Diva, Syafique Daniel!

Happy Birthday! I hope this year would invite more happiness in your life. You are the most cheerful person I've ever known, and please keep it that way because you are like a ray of sunlight that penetrates other people's gloomy day. I hope you wouldn't resortfor leech in your face anymore because I'll be the one that will plaster your face jugak! Hahaha!

Bonus question: "Bila mau kawen?" Hahaha!

Dear Diva,

We need a celebration with Azalia Rahman soon. Double celebration sounds like fun! and maybe a sleepover too!

Happy Birthday again!

Yang Benar-Benar belaka ,

Fadli Moja Amin

( Posted this on FB, I think Diva cried. Hahaha!)

[The Other Blog: "Hot Chocolate & Mint" by Diana Rikasari]

~ ~

I find that her blog is very. very interesting and appealing to be read. Diana Rikasari is a fashion blogger based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She's been on numerous magazines and now has her own shoes and clothing labels; Bloopendorse & Wondershoe. I admire her passion in fashion ( hey it rhymes! ) and doing good charity, of course through fashion! Its good to see people gives back to the needy! What a beaut!

Passionate people always have interesting stories to be shared.
Now, let's do what you're passionate about!

Visit her here:

[ The Other Blog: "We Can Be Champions" by Tony Fernandes]

~ ~

"So to all the cynics give Malaysia and Malaysians a chance. Embrace the brave, the visionaries, the dreamers and the innovators. Embrace positive energy. It’s much better than just writing negative stories. Go out and make a difference. Don’t just hammer those with a positive attitude. Change today and go out and make a difference."

This post by Tony Fernandes is the best advice that I can offer to myself and share with friends. Wanting to change the world is not an easy thing. It may seems a crazy, ridiculous idea (of changing the world) but I believe that the person that can change the course of the world is the people who are crazy, ridiculous enough to dream about it.

Make a difference in someone else's life, or get out of my way.

Check out the rest of "We Can Be Champions" here:

[ The Other Blog: "Amazing" by Kenny Mah ]

~ ~

"I want to be happy. I want to do something I enjoy every day, something I am passionate about. I want to do this with out worrying about money or about how others might think of me. I want to feel secure enough that I don’t have to prove myself to others — only prove my worth to myself, to be account able to my own sense of worth and dignity"

A truly inspiring post by my favourite wordsmith, Kenny Mah.
Check out the rest of his latest post, "Amazing" here:

P/S: Yes, that's a picture of him upthere! Hahaha!

[ Soldier ]

~ ~

Love, Love, Love Malaysia!

"You are a soldier
The chosen one
Bring back the heyday
Look far away
With respect and decay
Forever well stay

[ Photo by: PhotogMao! ]

[ Alhamdulillah ]

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Minutes ago, I just received a very, very good news and I feel like crying right now.Another chance for me to do something for my country and myself.
Another chance to cross out a dream in my "Bucket List"

Thank You, Allah.



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1. These are the pictures back when we were practicing Shakespeare's "Richard the Third".
2. Those other criminals are; Azri, Fira, Chip, Acad
3. Mr. Kieran congratulated us for our short play.
4. Awesome friends do awesome work.
5. Don't ask who and why that guy wearing that wedding veil.
6. Kami memang suka pulun berlakon!!


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Joined by Love. Separated by Fear. Redeemed by Hope.

This is a real perfection.
I've been a real fan of "Atonement" that is based Ian McEwan's novel and minutes after I googled Snow Patrol's "Set the Fire to Third Bar", lo and behold, I found this on YouTube! A very, very perfect video with significant Atonement's moments. Geez. I should watch the movie again tonight. Whomsoever did this fans video is a pure genius!

[The Remedy]

~ ~

"Set the Fire to the Third Bar"
by Snow Patrol & Martha Wainwright

"I'm miles from where you are,
I lay down on the cold ground
And I, I pray that something picks me up
and sets me down in your warm arms"

[ Mamak Mee-Ah! & National Geographic Store! ]

~ ~

1. *Nerd alert!*
I visited National Geographic store that was recently opened in KL. Waited for soooo long! I had 15 minutes conversation with the store's assistant about NG. We had fun chatting and explaining!

2. FYI, this store is the FOURTH store in the world after London, Washington D.C & Singapore! Proud, proud!
*Nerd alert ends*

2. Enjoyed Herne's latest theatre installment of Mamak Mee-Ah! Hillarious and worth every penny.Except for the seatings. Hehehe

3. The best 'sesat' moment ever. Shah Alam - Sentul - KL - Putrajaya - Shah Alam!! Hahaha! Thanks for the ride, Azila!

p/s: Not much of photos were taken. 'twas dark and raining cows and chickens! Hehehe! :(


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+ Set foot on each of the Seven Continents

1. Asia

2. Africa

3. North America

4. South America

5. Antartica

6. Europe

7. Australia

+ Places I will go

1. Venice, Italy

2. Rome, Italy

3. Hollywood, California

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

5. The Al Hambra, Spain

6. Galapagos Archipelago

7. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

8. Vatican City

9. Las Vegas, Nevada

10. Los Angeles, California

11. Hawaii

12. Prague. Czech Republic


1. Fall madly in Love

2. Forgive

3. Stargazing with her

4. Love Mak & Abah unconditionally

5. Having our own child

6. Dancing to John Mayer’s with Her in the living room

7. Super romantic dinner


1. Donate blood

2. Register as an organ donor

3. Donate clothes I no longer use

4. Help people to start a business

5. Raise funds for the unfortunates

6. Be a relief volunteer for nature disaster

7. Help someone who's in a dire need of something.


1. Be a writer / columnist

2. Scriptwriting

3. Be an amateur poet


+ Read a self-written poem before total strangers

+ Sing aloud

+ Design my own house & a comfy reading room!

+ Write a book and get it published

+ Books I will read before I die

1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

2. The Art of War by Sun Tzu

3. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

4. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

5. The Compilation of Rumi's Work

6. The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli.

7. The Compilation of Kahlil Gibran's Work


1. Learn archery

2. Horse riding

3. Ski. Ski. Ski

4. Try fencing

5. Run a Marathon

6. Take up a martial art

7. Ride in on a hot air balloon

8. Go paragliding

9. Go on a helicopter ride

10. Go scuba diving

11. Go bungee jumping

12. Go white water rafting

13. Go wall climbing

14. Learn to fly a plane

15. Go zorbing

16. Go spelunking

17. Go hiking

18. Military training