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[ Aunt Izza ]

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Dear my (future) son / daughter,
You have to read this;

Dear son/daughter of Moja who is yet to be borned,

i am a good person, and i want to be your godmother. your father has been a really good friend of mine, and i want to return the favour. i will give you cool presents for all your birthdays, record all your antiques on my phone, bring my children to play with you and share their toys, and shower you with love like you are my own.

i hope you grow up to be like your father, or better, and i anticipate your birth to this world.


your aunt izza.

Isn't that sweet? You already have a godmother! This is from my friend Izza, I'll make sure she won't take you for a bungee-jump, not until you are 16. Hahaha!


Tatie Sharil said...

ko plak tanak buat surat kat future children aku moja?
nnt bawah tu aku letak footnote:

dear children, uncle moja (and the other 2 uncles of yours) has been put under a restriction order to little kids. that's the reason why u havent seen him around. hahahhahahaha

Moja Amin said...


Ngahahahaha! See you in court Tatie! Get off the restrcn orderrrrrrr!

*whisper: booooooooooooooy come ere... grin*

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