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Dear beloved, handsome Diva, Syafique Daniel!

Happy Birthday! I hope this year would invite more happiness in your life. You are the most cheerful person I've ever known, and please keep it that way because you are like a ray of sunlight that penetrates other people's gloomy day. I hope you wouldn't resortfor leech in your face anymore because I'll be the one that will plaster your face jugak! Hahaha!

Bonus question: "Bila mau kawen?" Hahaha!

Dear Diva,

We need a celebration with Azalia Rahman soon. Double celebration sounds like fun! and maybe a sleepover too!

Happy Birthday again!

Yang Benar-Benar belaka ,

Fadli Moja Amin

( Posted this on FB, I think Diva cried. Hahaha!)


azalia rahman said...

OMG! diva cried is it?hahaha
btw, kaki dalam gambar diva tu is my kaki!
check out the shoes! hehehehe

Moja Amin said...


HAHAHA! I assume je! Hahahaha!
Kaki pon boleh laaaaaaaah!


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