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[The Other Blog: "Hot Chocolate & Mint" by Diana Rikasari]

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I find that her blog is very. very interesting and appealing to be read. Diana Rikasari is a fashion blogger based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She's been on numerous magazines and now has her own shoes and clothing labels; Bloopendorse & Wondershoe. I admire her passion in fashion ( hey it rhymes! ) and doing good charity, of course through fashion! Its good to see people gives back to the needy! What a beaut!

Passionate people always have interesting stories to be shared.
Now, let's do what you're passionate about!

Visit her here:


aina said...

mojaja,cuba u tgk 2nd pic!farah has the exact leopard print platforms!zomg.cool!

Moja Amin said...


Yeah! I know, I know! Hahaha! Cool kan?

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