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"The Balcony Tragedy"

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"The Balcony Tragedy"

by J.R.R Jebong


A fearful night that put four young men's bravery at test. A paranormal activity. Based on a true event.

April 30, 2010, Friday

Four homies trying to break free from an intruder in their living room. Survival is a must. It's a matter of life & death, to kill or be killed. Who will scream his lungs out? Who will be chickened-out? Who will be running to the balcony? and WHO will save the day?!

Remarkable quotes:

"Ko buat ah Chip. Aku kesian"

(Kharul Azri)

"Pakai penyapu buat apa?! Pakai KOMIK!"


"Aaaarggh! Aaargh! AAAAAArgghh!!"


"Aargg! Ak xbleh, Ak xbleh! Aku panik!


"Pap! Pap! Pap! (bunyi pukul)"




Li said...

omg!!!u guys are a bunch of sissys..ahahaha
was it a bee??haihhhhh

taj said...

fab 4 dah jadik FAG FOUR!!!! okay.. i'm gonna miss u guys!!!

Syud Ridzuan said...

ololo ni mesti kes lipas ni.

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