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[ Mamak Mee-Ah! & National Geographic Store! ]

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1. *Nerd alert!*
I visited National Geographic store that was recently opened in KL. Waited for soooo long! I had 15 minutes conversation with the store's assistant about NG. We had fun chatting and explaining!

2. FYI, this store is the FOURTH store in the world after London, Washington D.C & Singapore! Proud, proud!
*Nerd alert ends*

2. Enjoyed Herne's latest theatre installment of Mamak Mee-Ah! Hillarious and worth every penny.Except for the seatings. Hehehe

3. The best 'sesat' moment ever. Shah Alam - Sentul - KL - Putrajaya - Shah Alam!! Hahaha! Thanks for the ride, Azila!

p/s: Not much of photos were taken. 'twas dark and raining cows and chickens! Hehehe! :(


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