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Last three days, I was at, maybe, the lowest point of health in my life. My head aches tremendously, there are blisters all over my scalp, torso and face and I can barely move a muscle for it would bring so much pain to my whole body. For the first time, my self-spirit was bent to my physical capacity.

I felt so low.

I've been at home for 5 days, and tomorrow I'll be heading back to Shah Alam. Too many things to do; quizzes, assignments, projects and all. I have to go back early even the given off-days by the doc would end next week.

I am not fully healed yet, but my spirit has recovered.

Mak & Abah,

Your son is now twentythree year old gentleman. But he still can't even take a good care of himself at this point. It's funny to think that you've been taking a good care of me since I was 9 months in Mak's womb, and up till today, you still do the thing that you do the best; taking care of me. I know, I know you two are already proud of your three children. But I'm telling you this, Mak & Abah, on one fine day, I will make you really, really, really proud because you two are the best presents Allah can ever give to me. I owe you two too much, too much and all I can ever express is, Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

I Love you so much, Mak and Abah.


Mohamad Zulfadli Mohd. Amin

Shah Alam, I'm all psyched-up and will be baaaack!



Mizan said...

This is heartwarming, Zul. Get better. Glad that I read this :)


yeay. i miss yu girlfy! muahaha

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