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[TEDxKL 2010]

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I've been a staunch follower of TED since 2008 (through iTunes' podcasts, of course). It's amazing when you watch amazing speeches by amazing people that change the world in many amazing ways. Seriously, I like the speeches so, so much. It's inspiring and makes me feel everything in this world is attainable, if we put our heart and soul into it.

and now, for the 2nd time, TED is coming to Malaysia.

TEDxKL - will spark a mark in Malaysia on the 27th of March 2010, Saturday in Microsoft Auditorium, Level 29, Tower 2, Petronas Twin Towers. And praise to Allah, I was among the selected 20 to be the Youth Ambassadors of TEDxKL and be part of the organizing committee. Alhamdulillah. God works in a very mysterious ways. Now, I'm all prepared to meet new amazing people and experience TED at the same time.

For those who are interested to join, please head over to http://www.tedxkl.com/.
Hurry up as the seats are limited!

*(Online price is RM50 while walk-in payment is RM80 per ticket)


danliew said...

Lucky you! I've got to fork out my own money from pocket. :)

PhotogMao said...
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PhotogMao said...

pls come to visit and support my new blog :D

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