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Rise early today. Am all prepared to visit project's site.
Visiting people that need my love, attention, help & care. I'm glad that I can help.

I'm still sad. There's a sharp pain in my heart since I decided to forget her.
This is just a phase.

just a phase.


nashrah khan said...

moja, i dunno why but ur sadness ni is very infectious :/ i felt the same way too yday, tak tau nape sedih semcm. actually tau tp ssh nk be ok :)) i've been following ur posts on 'her' and i think they are really sweet. now dah sedih u decided to stop. why dont u just go and pursue her? or if u think she's worth it, u'll wait tp bkn wait cam tersekse nye kind, but wait and hope and wish someday u'll get her. mane tau dia tak jd dgn bf dia skrg ke. (dia in a rship kan?) ull nvr know. hv faith:)

p.s: sory, i ni mmg jiwang gile. :s

Luruninia Shuib said...

"i love u enough to let u go", kelly clarkson's already gone. hold to that.

i can feel you. it takes time to heal :)

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