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100 candidates will be interviewed.

50 brightest students will be selected

...and stand a chance to meet Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for a 5-day event at Hotel Awana, Genting Highlands.

I'll be interviewed Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas (JASA) in two days. Yes, the interview will be on Saturday, 3 p.m. I know how much important and valuable this opportunity is, but I can't restrain myself from feeling inferior now. I.am.not.confident. Simple words, I don't think that I'm going to get a spot among the 50.

I know this is a long shot, but I'll do my best. Azalia said, "If God brings you to it, He will brings you through it".

p/s: Dear God, I'll be fasting for 3 days if you give me a chance to be one of the selected 50. Just so you know, I don't mind of being the 50th person to be selected. Pleasssse.


daniel said...

All the best my friend! My support is with you.

Pengintip said...

Whoaaa, good luck, good luck!
Kouun wo inori masu!!
Moga yang terbaik sentiasa mengiringi kamu!!!

Seperti biasa, dedication utk kamu hari ni:
Five: Keep on Moving


cik penguin said...

i'm sure you'll be able to do it :DD

just ready your "pendinding" towards all your competitors and you'll be fine :PP

irmaain ibrahim said...

my dear moja, mana law of attraction kamu sayang? :)
percaya kamu dapat. nothing is possible kan.

Azie Nazri said...

Woww, good luck Moja!
Nanti kalau jumpa Tun tolong tanya pasal Proton Emas. :P

missyonne said...

moja moja !

fight for it !

tedy sokong moja !

Moja Amin™ said...



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