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I will fold you paper planes. So we may see them fly up above. I will fold you paper planes, so we may toss them lightly together, lie down and laugh so hard together on the grass. I will fold you paper planes, so we can go wherever place the wind has destined us to go, Rome or Prague, Venice or Madinah; I could care less. I will fold you more paper planes, so we could get away far from here, away from the ground and into the sun and big blue skies. I want to be near you and I just couldn't let you go.

Tonight I can't sleep and this feeling just won't go away. I wonder when will we climb up these walls and to go anywhere just to be with you. I will fold you paper planes. So you can warm me up with your smiles all day be helpless when you laugh. I will fold you paper planes so we can wave our farewell to doubters. I will fold you more paper planes so you can have my heart with you wherever you go. Wherever I go, I will see you and miss you. You can always have me in your pocket and I'll be your biggest fan. I will fold you paper planes, so we'll be alone up in the skies and laugh as much as we want to and breathe the same air.

I'm a man with few words, I don't even have words to say. Likewise, I never found the right word to say anyways. So, I will fold you paper planes, because there is where my heart is.


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Hahahahaha! Can't stop laughing to this!


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"You're nobody until you're talked about."

For the first time, I think this tag line makes sense tho.
Thank you, sore losers.

PS: Blame me not! :))

[PhotoBooth ft. Housemates]

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Now Ridhwan, can you beat that? Ahahaha!


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What if I said that I want you to be like we used to be? I've been in many places; here, there and everywhere. I've been here like forever and I never move even an inch. I've been here yesterday, the day before and maybe tomorrow you'll see me here tomorrow too.

You don't have to fret and bite them nails. Even though my friends will say 'NO' and my brain shout the same word too, I will pay no heed. Not this time because this drained too much energy, consumed too much time, engulfed too much space and hurts too much to hate. Maybe the last thing on earth for me to do is to stay away from you.

We never knew that still deeply attached to each other. Not the way we used to, but enough to say "I want you" or "please stay". Time flies and the damage is done but we fear not committing mistakes, just to make our life worth something. Not just a plain white canvas but a colourful piece that we might smile and laugh later. I want my life to be great. and I want you to be part of it. I am serious. I am damn serious this time.

It was time when we bid our farewell my heart just plain stopped. And every single drops of blood left frozen in the arteries and veins. Then I knew, I was falling for you. I am tired of the same routine without you being away from here. Someone to share and for me to bare myself down to the bones. Friends do help, yes they do. But no one is the same as you. Ah, what an affair we had! Never just a friend, never as a lover. But I want you so bad that I can't verbalize. We used to be nothing but together, we are everything and no one else matters.

This time, come what may, I promise you I'll be good.


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..and we still pay no heed of the issue?


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(Muhammad, kami rindu)

Ya Muhammad,

terasa malu untuk menyebut namamu,

terasa hina untuk melafazkan kata cinta padamu.

Ya Muhammad,

Diri ini hanya satu dalam celahan hiruk-pikuk jutaan umatmu,

dalam dunia yang kian kuning,

dalam petang alam yang kian menjejak senja.

hati ini kerap berpaling ya Rasulullah.

hati ini acap kali terbolak-balik ya Rasulullah.

terkadang, terasa nun ke sum-sum tulangku bahwa ku cinta,

namun terkadang, diri ini terjatuh juga pada dosa dan noda.

masihkah aku umatmu,

Ya Muhammad?

Bila ajal menjemputku,

mampukah ku ingat semua pesanan-mu?

Bila marak mentari sejengkal diatas kepalaku,

mungkinkah kau tatap wajahku?

mungkinkah ya rasululah?



penat diri in cuba merindu,

cuba terkadang terasa kudrat hati dibatasi waktu,

namun Rasululah,

hanya satu rayuku,

jangan kau paling wajah muliamu dariku,

bila kita bersua disitu.

(Jumaat, April 24 2009)


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I must blame Liyana for this craving for good / delicious foods. We had discussed about being fat and whatnots and lo & behold this topic was brought to the dining table. The truth is, I feel a bit homesick lately and lusting over 'good' food to be shoveled down my throat. But let's not discuss about it any further, shall we? Liyana "the witch in high heels", gave me two delicious blog links to the world of endless (food) fantasy; lunchstudio and apassionforfood. Well, her mojo works on me this time around!

1. Lunch with FrontStudio

"A reminder to stop, chill, breathe in fresh air and most importantly - EAT.Architectsby profession, we're also ladies who lunch."

Women who lunch! Them architects must look good and know the best place to lunch! I admit that I am seriously attracted to their ideas / manifesto of LUNCH. I can't remember when I had a really good, high-quality, delicious and healthy lunch. Thanks, ladies!

2. A Passion for Food with Kathy

"One real purpose in life. Eat. Try everything. Anything. Anywhere. In the end, we all want to be happy and good food makes me happy"

Born and raised in Hawaii, and you can't believe this 22 y.o girl eats a LOT. Thanks to her high-metabolic rate, (Liyana and me assumed) she still look hawt! Who says food can turn you into a walrus? Myth!

Now, I feel better and all psyched-up to hunt good food around me! Happy eating!


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The MPH Distributors Warehouse Sale is coming again and my head is already busy listing up books that I've been lusting on for so long. The fact is, I still haven't finish reading another three books that I bought from the last warehouse sale; Coelho's Brida, Wahlstrom's The Tao of Writing & Pahrol's Dilema Melayu-Islam. I am currently re-reading Covey's The 8th Habit due to some reasons. But, I got a pretty good news from Liyana that I might be getting my maiden proof-reading part-time job salary next week. So, I'm hoping that I manage to buy one or two of these titles;

1. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
2. The Reader by Bernhard Schlink
3. Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi
4. The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak
5. The Prince by Nicollo Machiavelli
6. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
7. Middlesex by Jeffret Eugenides
8. The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho

I know, I know this will cost hundreds, and obviously I can't afford it now. But, a man can dream, no?

Update: Watch out for tomorrow's StarTwo!
Update: Already checked StarTwo. The books in the list are plain boring.

[of Faces & Friends]

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The bitter truth is now, I am pretty addicted to Facebook. I didn't really keen on Facebook in the first place. It seems complicated and stalker-friendly version of Friendster and Myspace. But of late, I open the FB site more than I should you know. I feel bad for abandoning my blog for so long, so I gave her a new look. Hope she'll like it!

Other: Extremely dissapointed with political situation in my homestate, Perak. Darn you DAP/PKR! I feel like sending them all to slaughterhouse! (Anwar Ibrahim, you'll go first!)

Other II: I opened my dusty, untouched Friendster and read your message in my inbox. It was beautifully written! Thank you! You know who you are! and yes, together we'll give it a chance!

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I'm part of that history!
Think different, Think Mac!

[Piknic: MBSA Field!]

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Venue: MBSA Field
Time: After Isya' till midnight
Who: Moja, Acad, Chip, Tajul, Minoza, Fiffy, Pet, Tatie, Ella, Nad, Aimi.

[Photobooth: Of Macs & Dumbness]

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"Let's make this Photo Booth camwhoring thing a habit, shall we? Come and join the action, Moja Amin™! I know you want to. LOL!"

(by Ridh of GetGossipy)

PS: Ridh. I can't do FIERCE. I'm too tame to be wild!
PSS: My wall is empty. No posters, whatsoever. Gotta do something!!

[Books & Sales ]

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"Book enthusiasts can expect incredible discounts on thousands of books of various genres. Also, the first 200 customers daily who spend RM 200 and above will receive a special goodie bag free PLUS if you are a DiGi subscriber or MPH Readers’ Circle member, you will also receive a pair of exclusive shotglasses free.

Lookout for these bargains & free book giveaways as well:-

1) Star Two readers will enjoy further marked down prices on 29 selected titles. Lookout for the highlights on 24 & 28 April in The Star.

2) FREE books up for grabs for the readers of The Sun and Malay Mail. Lookout for the write ups on 27 April. T&C apply."

P.S: *drool*. Won't be going this time around. Money, where art thou!


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Proton's maiden Multipurpose Vehicle (MPV), Proton Exora was launched and guess who was there, on the stage? Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad! and darn it, he looks healthy and all psyched-up with huge grin from ear to ear! Well, he must be proud now, since Proton is his brainchild back in the 1980s. But, despite of global economic regression that has affected massive car manufacturers in the States, we still manage to pull this Exora out into market. The fact is, the automotive industry in the US is collapsing, 37% of Americans already stopped buying cars, since the regression and Obama and his team is busy with his bail-out plans to save Detroit. Is this the right moment to release another car, and expecting meteoric rise in term of car sales? I think not.

But, Tun M is wiser.
(and I can't wait to see his next plans!)

p/s: When shall we meet again, Tun M? haaaih...