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Proton's maiden Multipurpose Vehicle (MPV), Proton Exora was launched and guess who was there, on the stage? Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad! and darn it, he looks healthy and all psyched-up with huge grin from ear to ear! Well, he must be proud now, since Proton is his brainchild back in the 1980s. But, despite of global economic regression that has affected massive car manufacturers in the States, we still manage to pull this Exora out into market. The fact is, the automotive industry in the US is collapsing, 37% of Americans already stopped buying cars, since the regression and Obama and his team is busy with his bail-out plans to save Detroit. Is this the right moment to release another car, and expecting meteoric rise in term of car sales? I think not.

But, Tun M is wiser.
(and I can't wait to see his next plans!)

p/s: When shall we meet again, Tun M? haaaih...


irma-ain ibrahim said...

mari ceroboh rumah dia.
ada berita ni. around july my dad nk jumpa dia kott. kot la. xsure lg. ini bajet sj tp cukup buat mojaja xsenang duduk. haha.

ye dia kelihatan segak. :)

but serius nk ceroboh rumah dia?? hahahahaha!

nashrah said...

my cousin keje kat proton and she named her pet rabbit exora. cute gile that rabbit. ok xde kaitan tp nk ckp jgk hahaha

Azie Nazri said...

thats typical Tun M. to do what others dare not. ;)

btw, was thinking of making a post about Exora myself. my family has been following the progress eversince there were rumors about it.

watched the launching at Tv1 and I'm inlove with Syed Zainal. Hahahaha.

Malam tu jugak pi tengok Exora kat showroom. Cantik! and the H-Line ada banyak cool features. I think the price is really2 affordable nak compared with other Mpvs in its range.

Azie Nazri said...

hahaha nashrah comel

LIYANA said...

"when shall we meet again tun??"
been there,laughed with him..he even has met my grandma okay!!hehe
That was when he went to HUKM...He's still so humble!!!!

Heard the car has 10 cup holders & a dvd player & a tiny lcd tv screen??coolness!!

ila ni said...

hahah nak komen kat entri lain terkomen sini, sorriiiii

+_+ said...

di mana Pak Lah?

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