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What if I said that I want you to be like we used to be? I've been in many places; here, there and everywhere. I've been here like forever and I never move even an inch. I've been here yesterday, the day before and maybe tomorrow you'll see me here tomorrow too.

You don't have to fret and bite them nails. Even though my friends will say 'NO' and my brain shout the same word too, I will pay no heed. Not this time because this drained too much energy, consumed too much time, engulfed too much space and hurts too much to hate. Maybe the last thing on earth for me to do is to stay away from you.

We never knew that still deeply attached to each other. Not the way we used to, but enough to say "I want you" or "please stay". Time flies and the damage is done but we fear not committing mistakes, just to make our life worth something. Not just a plain white canvas but a colourful piece that we might smile and laugh later. I want my life to be great. and I want you to be part of it. I am serious. I am damn serious this time.

It was time when we bid our farewell my heart just plain stopped. And every single drops of blood left frozen in the arteries and veins. Then I knew, I was falling for you. I am tired of the same routine without you being away from here. Someone to share and for me to bare myself down to the bones. Friends do help, yes they do. But no one is the same as you. Ah, what an affair we had! Never just a friend, never as a lover. But I want you so bad that I can't verbalize. We used to be nothing but together, we are everything and no one else matters.

This time, come what may, I promise you I'll be good.


Azie Nazri said...

The past. It haunts sometimes. Sometimes all it needs is time. Because we humans, never get enough of time.


Moja Amin™ said...


Yeps. Wished can turn back time!

nashrah khan said...

why do i feel like i understand this? this is so sad. im sad, ur sad everyone is sad. man, this is depressing.

sorry2 i saje nk wat lawak hehe :)

its alright, sometimes we get what we want, sometimes we dont. but insyallah we'll get smtg better in return. we just have to be patient. and that can bring us really far in life. :)

and btul ckp Azie, time is key. (i ske semue ape yg Azie tulis) hahahaha

Moja Amin™ said...

*(i ske semue ape yg Azie tulis)*

Tu laa Nash. Ntah, I malas nak komen pasal ni!
Baik busy kan diri, kan? and do things you should.

pfft. I hate this.

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