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I Love the way you say good morning and steal the pillow and blanket from me. Just so you know, you are the simple reason that makes me happy, a reason for me to drag myself out from bed and step on the icy cold floor. You hate me for waking up late in the afternoon, "morning is a rare blessing for the ones who seek for it" you said. Brush my teeth. Run downstairs. Lo and behold, the breakfast is ready. By the time I enjoying my coffee and bread, you already outside of the house, doing chores that you've been doing for years. No complaints. No help needed. No a frown of anger. It's just a pure bliss for you, doing ordinary things that make yourself so extraordinary in my eyes, for you are my greatest mom.

Oh. Homesickness.


The Tatie said...

significant gambar?

Moja Amin™ said...


route to my home!

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