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I will fold you paper planes. So we may see them fly up above. I will fold you paper planes, so we may toss them lightly together, lie down and laugh so hard together on the grass. I will fold you paper planes, so we can go wherever place the wind has destined us to go, Rome or Prague, Venice or Madinah; I could care less. I will fold you more paper planes, so we could get away far from here, away from the ground and into the sun and big blue skies. I want to be near you and I just couldn't let you go.

Tonight I can't sleep and this feeling just won't go away. I wonder when will we climb up these walls and to go anywhere just to be with you. I will fold you paper planes. So you can warm me up with your smiles all day be helpless when you laugh. I will fold you paper planes so we can wave our farewell to doubters. I will fold you more paper planes so you can have my heart with you wherever you go. Wherever I go, I will see you and miss you. You can always have me in your pocket and I'll be your biggest fan. I will fold you paper planes, so we'll be alone up in the skies and laugh as much as we want to and breathe the same air.

I'm a man with few words, I don't even have words to say. Likewise, I never found the right word to say anyways. So, I will fold you paper planes, because there is where my heart is.


ayunimadarina said...


me tak reti buat paper plane dr dulu smp arini.


safwan said...

tolong lipatkan paper plane paling besar dalam dunia bole?

aku nak pegi boston secara haram.

Moja Amin said...


Simple sajaaaa!

Moja Amin said...


Untuk ko, ak terpaksa buatkan titanium plane lah.
muahahaha. kiddin.

why Boston?

safwan said...

sofia dah lama ngidam nak pegi sana.

ada fresh market kot!

(note the ambiguity in the last statement)


Moja Amin said...



When the word SOFIA appeared, I knew it right away!

fresh market. Meow.

Liyana Hanim said...

jom2 gi rome!!!!hahahaha

Moja Amin said...


JOM! Ko support!

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