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I woke up today with sore on my feet. Crap.

This week is such a hectic week, I don't have time to play around, not anymore. Alhamdulillah, SIFE maiden project; "Groom to Bloom" was successfully run yesterday. After much bickering, tears, and sleepless nights, we finally managed to call it a wrap.

I met many astounding persons that day but two figures I cherished them the most are Mr. Michael Teoh and Miss Nana. Mr Michael Teoh is One of the Seven Most Seven of Malaysia's Most Outstanding Youth, and Miss Nana is Executive of CIMB Group and not to forget Jenna and John Goh the Founder and Managing Director of MyPath Sdn. Bhd.

I grabbed this golden opportunity by exchanging a few words with them all, and they are very, very humble and down to earth. I Love the QnA sessions with Jenna, John and Michael and I did catched them whilst they were hovering around after the session, asking them my potential future opportunities. I also had my lunch with them and again, we were discussing about economic regression, entrepreneurship and etceteras. They are truly remarkable persons and I'm really, really looking forward to meet them three in near future!

During mock interview session, I met Miss Nana, an Executive of CIMB Group and mind you, she is a TESL graduate too! So I had a very, very, very long conversation with her, together with Laila. We asked of how on earth she can landed there in CIMB Group with a TESL certificate and she's such a chatterbox! We had good laugh with her and she told us two how dreams can make possible. And SIFE, as she told us, had helped her in many ways to develop the skills she needed to be in the board where she is now. She gave me her card and asked me to contact if I needed any advise regarding future interviews or jobs. Gulp. Thank You!!!

And the Vice-President of SIFE UiTM asked me whether I'm interested in representing the team to do presentation for this year, but of course I have to undergo screening process. I was sooo delighted because as a newbie, such offer can make me not sleeping for days!! I was on cloud nine for that day. But dream not, Moja. You have tonnes of things to do and learn. Oh my.

I have so much to share, but next time, maybe. Gotta sleep now!


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