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[Christian Louboutin]

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Acad and I were chatting as usual and suddenly I saw a glimpse of Madam Adzura, and Acad said, "Gila lawa kasut Madam Adzura!".

So I turned my head, just to take a brief look as she's climbing her way upstairs. And my eyes caught the lower, back sight of the shoes. It was blood-red.

It is Christian Louboutin's.

It's drop-dead gorgeous on that drop-dead gorgeous lady.

I can't believe my eyes, and I shouted to Madam Adzura, "Madam, is that Christian Louboutin shoes?" and as expected, it's a YES. After my friends and I had our literature class, we met her but unluckily she wasn't clad in CL anymore (of course, it was raining this evening) and we had a little chat about her shoes. How much it cost, where did you buy it, blah blah blah. And she admits that she's quite amazed how on earth I know those are Christian Loboutin's (since I'm a guy, and I wear no high heels).

Those pricey shoes are not just a sheer pair of shoes.

It's a piece of art.

Those red bottom shoes only have FIVE boutiques in the States. Malaysia? In your dream, ladies. Surely those shoes worth thousands, and maybe you may buy hundreds of shoes with that a pair of CL. Celebrities ranging from Britney Spears, Jolie, Mariah Carey, Kate Bosworth, Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Christina Aguilerra, to name a few. It's a must have shoes in Hollywood, for sure and today, I saw Madam Adzura rockin' in it! How cool is that? It's like a seeing a piece of Britney Spears in Shah Alam! Madam Adzura is a new definition of beauty with brain, I must say. Double sexy-ness!

The most interesting about the about it is its history. Go Google for it. Plus, if I'm rich enough, with five figures salary on my paycheck, surely I'll buy my wife to clad in that. Fierce!

p.s: I still wonder why most of darn-famous designers are men. Even Versace is fouded by a GUY. Donatella Versace is just his one lucky sister.

p.s.s: This is my second encounter with CL shoes. You don't want to see how I react in the first time.

p.s.s.s: Again, it's NOT a waste of money! It's like spending money on a Humvee. NOT a waste, people.


z a w a n i b a d r i said...

"Madam Adzura is a new definition of beauty with brain, I must say. Double sexy-ness!"
absolutely agreed!~
lucky us to have her in our faculty...
and lucky me I was her student last year!

Anonymous said...

and i thought i was the only one who noticed!
gile sexy kan?? i'm so gonna buy one.. i don't care.. i'm gonna save up! hehe :p

FiE said...

a worth-life collection I assume~ =)

Azie Nazri said...

Moja, answer the question.
"how on earth I know those are Christian Loboutin's (since I'm a guy, and I wear no high heels)." (???)

I would have no idea that those are CLs.

one lucky wife you'll have in the future.
to me, as long as it has heels, I'm ok. my current sandals now are almost 2years old and it has been sent to the shoe clinic twice and has little patches on its body. but i use it still because its hard to find one like that pair. its a mixture of comfort and the ideal height that I want. I'm sure you understand what I mean. ;)

most girls invest on shoes. does it make me weird that I dont? hmmm.

(I cant believe that even my comment on shoes would be this long. hisssh)

Anonymous said...


Moja Amin™ said...


Yes! and so do I!

Moja Amin™ said...


I got eagle's eyes too!

Moja Amin™ said...


Owh, YES!
for a thousand time!

Moja Amin™ said...


Ahahaha! I Love designing, architecture and etceteras. I Love how human can built or make something beautiful, profuse with passion especially houses and furniture. Another reason why I darn Love IKEA. and I watched a documentary about how CL started, and other brands like LV or Marc. And most of them started from ZERO. and they have no financial support at all, but one thing sure they do have is PASSION. And that pair of shoes is the child of their life-long passion, Ok. Ak dah merepek. ahaha! But it's true!

Don't worry, my mom is also refuse to buy many shoes. My sister and I have to drag in her into the store and start picking up the suitable, comfy shoes for her. So I'm used to it. Ahahaha. I told my mom that what a cheapskate she is. and If I'm rich one day, I'm gonna buy her a LV bag one day! Hahahahaha!

You''re not THAT weird. That's a symbol of gratefulness that you have!!

Moja Amin™ said...


You HAVE to. ahahaha!

dnieAlias said...

i gasped reading this post..saying to myself'no she did not have a CL!!"
now i envy her..darn that shoe is a killing-one!!
oh..btw,blogwalking here!
nice blog:)

helanistic.herneo said...

waw.aku rasa hina bila kau tahu lebih dr apa yg sepatotnya prempuan tahu.

gadiskah aku?

LIYANA said...

i've blog about him a long time ago..
the local celeb yg aq tau beli kasot die is of course,the gorgeous fazura!!!
can't believe mdm adzura bought it!!!!
gilerrrrrrrr fashion forward!

can't wait for my own pair nanti....
btw,betul sebutan ko semlm...
cos' its in french...adeq izza ckp..haha

nashrah said...

how on earth did you know it was Christian Louboutin's ? ur more advanced than me hahahahaha. i havent seen mdm adzura at all this week. will hunt her down :D

firra321 said...

hahaha. moja always take notice on what others put on their feet! symbolize somethin. a guy who is concern about what women do to impress men? even those tiny miny bits of changes?

ps: tahniah. keep it up. x rmai guys mcm ko.
pss: aku grad nanti, ko kene hadiahkan kasut! haha

Moja Amin™ said...


ak dah agak, ko mesti nak jugak.

Moja Amin™ said...


I read PerezHilton's blog too. Ahahaha!

Moja Amin™ said...


Tahniah? Ahaha. I feel weird, but well, that's me.

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