Up | Down



~ ~

Little boy,

You sit alone at the corner of the room,

the dark and walls that hug you,

sure make you feel secure.

The world don’t even look at you

And you can’t figure out why…


You walk to school,

drag yourself out of your shell,

the flaws make you feel low

But you still smile.

Trying to chase away

The fear and misery within…


Each time you walk home,

you stumble on the road

The road is too harsh

and no one offer you a hand.

Your knees feel weak


your arms bleed…


You feel like stopping

but I won’t let you be

I’ll walk with you,

Even the world left you behind.


By the end of this road to somewhere,

I’ll bid you farewell,

Till we meet again,

Oh yes, sure we will.



[As I was walking]

~ ~


As I was walking

I enjoy every bits of moment that I’ve spent,

My steps are slow…

Slow enough for a turtle to come and capture me

But it’s OK because it felt so right doing this.


To be free again,

To walk and bare my soul off,

Throughout this route to nowhere.

I won’t run; unable to catch my breath

I won’t look down at my feet; trapped by guilt and mercy

I won’t be doing that anymore


From now on,

I will walk.

Whenever my heart wants to,

And stop wherever my feet tell me so


Because pieces of my heart were scattered long time ago,

And I will keep looking for them,

Right when I was walking…