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[JayChouOnTheRun!! 2008]

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The concert was superb. Thanks to Jay Chou for the outstanding performance, even though I didn't understand what the heck he's singing and talking about throughout the concert. All I understand was Sie-sie which means Thanks, Tohfu, Char Kuey Tiaw, blah,blah,blah. I really wanted to sing along like the other audiences (90% Chinese, with nice hair done & of course, slanty eyes) But hey, that's the beauty of Malaysia! mwahahaha.

The concert kicked off at 8:15 pm and ended about 10:45. Well, the concert took a really long, long time but the fans just can't have enough! Seriously. The Taiwan's King of Pop really brought the roof down! With good sense of humor (Obviously, all laugh their heart out but me), he got really good stamina on stage. Gee..I still can't believe I went to his concert! A chinese concert that I can't understand a word! I love his music, his talents and above all, Jay's attitude. A complete package to conquer the Mandopop-sphere. He's a singer, actor, director, songwriter, pianist, drummer, guitarist, and the list goes on and on!

Here are some pics of that night. I took it somewhere from the net. I somehow forgot to link it from my blog. I feel guilty. Gee...I'm sorry, but you (whomsoever took these pics) really got a nice shot (and must got darn expensive and good camera too) :P




p/s: I'll post another pics that I'd taken that night by myself (Thanks to Chip for lending his pink Cyber-shot!


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My Boleh-land going to have its 12th General Election this upcoming week. All the campaigns, fingers-pointing, posters, commercials, really make me ...ermm, SICK. To both parties, BN and BA, this post is specially dedicated for you. :)

Dear Barisan Nasional,
1. I love the progression of this country, before. Under Tun Dr. Mahathir, where everything ran smoothly and rapid changes can be seen here and there. Pak Lah, are you sleeeping? Yes, you do. Sometimes.
2. What is Islam Hadhari? Another version of Islam? a Modernised ones? Leaders without hijab? Revise the Holy Quran, please. Not your 'Guide of Islam Hadhari'.
3. Why there are sooo many foreigners workin here, in Malaysia? Please stop flooding my country for God's sake! There are plenty of jobless Malaysian right under your nose!
4. Do something to gain my vote next 5 years ok?! Or else, you'll lose one precious vote, for sure!
5. I heart BN (UMNO, MCA, MIC)... Heee...


Dear Barisan Alternatif,

1. Could you please STOP raising cheap issues?! eg; oil price, Anwar Ibrahim, sodomy, bribery, Altantuya, etc.

2. If you are a real Islamic party, please, do as what our Prophet pbuh did. Please don't lie with the name of Islam.

3. Show us how a prophetic leadership. You scared us out with your so-called Islamic agenda.

4. I Love my religion. Don't taint it with continuous animosity, empty promises, blah,blah,blah.

5. I heart you BA (PAS, KEADILAN, DAP) ...erm did I missed annything?

Here the reasons why:1. I hate people blaming, finger-point, hate each other. C'mon-lah, we Malaysian maa...Let's go mamak and settle this down.

2. I used to follow my parents, who both are staunch followers of BN. I hated whenever the YB raising his voice to spice up his speech. Few more decibels, I'll be deaf.

3. Whenever the election season come pay a visit, all I eat is nasi bungkus in white polystyrene. My mom and dad will be busy campaigning. No breakfast, No Lunch, No Brunch, No Tea, No Dinner, only Supper (they will be home with whatever leftovers at the pusat).

4. I don't know which side is right, and which side is wrong. It'll be much easy if both party stop lying. Then I'll know which is more capable in running this country. (I know that'll never happen)

5. The utmost important reason is.....I am still 20++, which mean I am not legitimate enough to VOTE! TQ!

p/s: Who the hell started this war at the first place?? Curse be with him/her. Ape shit. Sonofabitch!
Mood of the Day: Triumph
Song of the Day: Puzzled by Estranged


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Welcome to Teslville.

Where the secret lives of the people are not always like they seem.

Where the neighbourhood seems calm and peaceful.

Where the people seems warm with 100,000 megawatts fake smile.

Dangerous enough to kill. Delicious enough to die for.

The question are,

How much you know your neighbour?

How much you wanna know about your neighbour?

We persuade ourselves that we can live with our sins,

Pretend to be someone we’re not as soon as we wake up,

Whisper to ourselves before sleep in the dark.

Sometimes we pretend to be one way on the outside when we are totally different inside,

Everyone has things going on beneath their perfect surfaces,

Trust, something that is impossible to recover once lost,

Those who are the closest can always betray us;

and total strangers can come to our rescue.

In a total desperation,

We eventually choose the simplest way to avoid of getting burnt;

We only TRUST ourselves.

We all have moments of desperation.

and not all people able to see the underlying truth.

You’d have to be Desperate enough to know what’s going on here…

In Teslville.


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Today I went out to Bukit Raja together with Val and Fifi. Watched Jay Chou's "Kung Fu Dunk". It is indeed another great movie starred by Jay. Ok, enough with the digression, lets move on to mr. Arrogant's story.
Case 1. First semester 2007.
Farah: Moja, smile a little bit more. You know what, girls complaining to me that you are very arrogant/sombong (Owh, that word hurts!)
Me: Me? Sombong? Are they nuts? I smiled a lot!
Farah: Yeah, to those people you know je.
Me: So? Should I smile all along the faculty's corridor?
<Awkward silent>
The 'discussion' about this went on and on, verbal and also through SMSes.
Farah: You smile to those who really close to you only. You're so picky/memilih (again, Malay words hurt my soul!) to even give your smile to people. They said laa..
Me: Gee. Picky? Memilih? God. Kill me.
Case 2: Second semester 2008. Few hours ago.
Val: Moja, my friend said that you are so sombong.
Me: Sombong? Not again. Who? Why?
Val: You didn't eve smile to your juniors when you bump into them.
Me: So? I met so many people everyday. I can't remember all the faces of my junior!
Val: Senyum tu kan sedekah.
Me: (What a severe jolt!) Hmm...If they know me, they should laa say 'Hi' to me first. Why people think I'm so puffed up with conceit? I'm not!
Val: Moja, you are so well-known by your juniors. Of course laa, You and Mamoo are the one who scolded and shouted at us back in Malacca last year (*That's another story, people) . So, people know and recognize you. So you should smile a bit more.
Me: Owh. Did I? Hmm...
Val: I keep telling them that you are not, they will end up saying. "Of course Val, he's not that way to you, for sure"
Me: *Duh.
I am the victim of overgeneralization, skepticism. TQ.
Mood of the Day: Lighthearted Homeboy
Song of the Day: Zhou Xian Da by Jay Chou


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Here I am. Running my fingers on my Mac. I don't know where to start, but I know that I want to exhume something buried in my mind.

Being me. Being a Muslim.

It has been almost 2 years I left my matriculation year at Johor. A place that has thought me so many things in such a short period of time. From there, I learnt what it takes to be a Muslim. I went to Usrah, I read Quran almost every night, reading Islamic books, and etcetras. I still remember those faces who mould me up to be someone better. Aliff, Ammar, Zul, Faidz, Fadzli, Khubaib and others. We do tahajjud together, talk about Islamic issues and share problems together. That was the first time, I felt the sense of belonging in my whole life. And now, I'm losing it. I didn't do quite well during my study there, but Allah opens more doors of opportunity to me. I was offered doing TESL in UiTM, an overseas programme for BPG and Cadet Pilot programme of MAS. God offered me more than I could ever imagined. Now, here I am, a 2nd semester TESL undergraduate that getting lost and drifted in life.

Being me. Being a hypocrite.

It has been 2 years I live my life in a lie. I know it's a lie, but I refused to admit it. I pray whenever I want to pray. I always missed my Subuh prayers and I didn't even think about performing it before I went to sleep. I didn't read my Holy Quran for months, but I've read almost 20 novels of late. That's my life now. I find it very amusing. Until then, I have come to realized that I am getting far from my Allah. Typing the word 'Allah' perhaps, for the first time in my blog here, makes me shiver. It's a very usual feeling for a sinner like me. I guess.

Being me. Being a lover.

I think I'm in love lately. But, I haven't make any moves, yet. The couple culture. Its a predicament in a Muslim society. Well, you can find young couples holding hands, walk side by side as young as thirteen or fourteen. It's a 'cool' trend of being a teenager. If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and romancing around at mall, people think its normal. and If you don't have a partner, like me, people tend to think that there is something wrong with you. Either you are a gay or a geek. *Duh. Being pressurized by the society, somehow drive us to have partner in life. Just for fun and amuse ourselves. I wonder why most of people don't really comfortable being by ourselves? I'm a Muslim and I will try to stick on it as long as I could. When the time is right, it will happen. Better not rush in this. It's simply because...

True Love waits.

Mood of the Day: Amused
Song of the Day: None.


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Sometimes I see, a hell lot of people admire something that they are not meant to have or belong to. From celebrities to politicians, from teachers to students, from to neighbors to friends. We want in a centre of attention, we want more than something we already held in our hands. So, they're slipping through our fingers without we noticing it.
We want to be noticed, but we are hiding in pitch darkness.
We want to be heard, but we won't hear others.
We want to be seen, but our eyes are closed to see others.
We want to be understood, but we make a living Hell for others. 
I want to be someone who can really see something that more than meets the eye. I want see those unseen faces, who do not seek for fame or glory, who always be contented with the life that they had. I want to see those faces and I want to be one.
Sometimes, it's better not to be seen.


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What's wrong with the hatred that lurks around us of late? Can't everyone just be happy the way they are and stop hating, blaming and being skeptical to others? There's no point in hating. I just don't understand. I refuse to hate. Because I did it once, and it didn't feel good at all. Not at all. Maybe everyone should listen to this song, New Soul by Yael Naim. It's fresh and it's the new song on Mac ads.. Give it a try, to wash away your soul...

I'm a new soul I came to this strange world hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take/But since I came here Felt the joy and the fear Finding myself making every possible mistake/La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la... /I'm a young soul in this very strange world hoping I could learn a bit about what is true and fake./But why all this hate? Try to communicate/ Finding trust and love is not always easy to make./ La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la... This is a happy end cause' you don't understand everything you have done why's everything so wrong /This is a happy end come and give me your hand I'll take your far away. /[Refrain]:I'm a new soul I came to this strange world hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take /But since I came here fellt the joy and the fear finding myself making every possible mistake/ La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la...


p/s: Kudos to Mizan for introducing me this song, at least I'm waaaay advance than Yahoo! :p