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[JayChouOnTheRun!! 2008]

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The concert was superb. Thanks to Jay Chou for the outstanding performance, even though I didn't understand what the heck he's singing and talking about throughout the concert. All I understand was Sie-sie which means Thanks, Tohfu, Char Kuey Tiaw, blah,blah,blah. I really wanted to sing along like the other audiences (90% Chinese, with nice hair done & of course, slanty eyes) But hey, that's the beauty of Malaysia! mwahahaha.

The concert kicked off at 8:15 pm and ended about 10:45. Well, the concert took a really long, long time but the fans just can't have enough! Seriously. The Taiwan's King of Pop really brought the roof down! With good sense of humor (Obviously, all laugh their heart out but me), he got really good stamina on stage. Gee..I still can't believe I went to his concert! A chinese concert that I can't understand a word! I love his music, his talents and above all, Jay's attitude. A complete package to conquer the Mandopop-sphere. He's a singer, actor, director, songwriter, pianist, drummer, guitarist, and the list goes on and on!

Here are some pics of that night. I took it somewhere from the net. I somehow forgot to link it from my blog. I feel guilty. Gee...I'm sorry, but you (whomsoever took these pics) really got a nice shot (and must got darn expensive and good camera too) :P




p/s: I'll post another pics that I'd taken that night by myself (Thanks to Chip for lending his pink Cyber-shot!


Anonymous said...

yup... i agree... the concert was superb... it was fun... it was amazing...

Anonymous said...

what a pathetic pig!! you went to a meaningless concert because you can't understand a thing... it's like going to a indian concert... same situation... lol


Anonymous said...


Yeah! It was pure fun! I'll upload your pics after this! Hahaha


Ceh, music is universal my fren. That's the beauty of music and multi-cultural Malaysia!! Hahaha..Welcome to Malaysia my fren! :) Indian concert is also good what, if Shah Rukh or Kajol comig down laa! WorldPeace thru Music!

Anonymous said...

Kung fu... Kung fu... To fu... To fu...

Well, being a Chinese myself, it's still hard for me (many of us) to catch what Jay sings if we do not go through the lyrics at first. Haha. He's definitely on the run, he sings very fast...

Mind to exchange links? Mine is http://daniel.mylovepress.com

Anonymous said...

moja... don't u dare!!!!

Anonymous said...

ahahaha,,,i'm waiting for Green Day concert!!!
(right NEL?!!)

and i'll give u the tag oke!!!
green day rox!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Of couse I dare my dear! LOL :)

If GreenDay's coming to M'sia, I'll also go laa!!! Eventho I noe just a lil bit..wahahaha

Hahahaha! Tofu! Of coz fren, I'll add you in sooooon!!

Anonymous said...

U had forgotten someone who went there too..
n clueless I was..
but still I enjoyed it to the max..!
Jay's roxx!!

Anonymous said...


OK2...the guy up there went with me also...
hehe..LOL :P

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