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Welcome to Teslville.

Where the secret lives of the people are not always like they seem.

Where the neighbourhood seems calm and peaceful.

Where the people seems warm with 100,000 megawatts fake smile.

Dangerous enough to kill. Delicious enough to die for.

The question are,

How much you know your neighbour?

How much you wanna know about your neighbour?

We persuade ourselves that we can live with our sins,

Pretend to be someone we’re not as soon as we wake up,

Whisper to ourselves before sleep in the dark.

Sometimes we pretend to be one way on the outside when we are totally different inside,

Everyone has things going on beneath their perfect surfaces,

Trust, something that is impossible to recover once lost,

Those who are the closest can always betray us;

and total strangers can come to our rescue.

In a total desperation,

We eventually choose the simplest way to avoid of getting burnt;

We only TRUST ourselves.

We all have moments of desperation.

and not all people able to see the underlying truth.

You’d have to be Desperate enough to know what’s going on here…

In Teslville.


Anonymous said...

ahahah,,inspired by desperate housewife!!

Anonymous said...


Yeah... Read this with a deep, mysterious tone, OK!?!

Anonymous said...

very true in!
desperate housewife!!!
n da trust thingy...
is like wat happening to me...
TESLVILLE is now steaming hot baby!

Anonymous said...


You go gal! TESLVILLE is a bloody hot place, join at your own risks!!! mwahahahaha! You be Eva Longoria!

Anonymous said...

I'll be Jesse metcalfe..the gardener..but wit slightly different persona..The gardenica emotica gothica..huhu

Anonymous said...

Acerbic Acad,

Mwahahaha, dream on Acad! Jesse only lasts for one season! Mwahahahahaha!

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