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My Boleh-land going to have its 12th General Election this upcoming week. All the campaigns, fingers-pointing, posters, commercials, really make me ...ermm, SICK. To both parties, BN and BA, this post is specially dedicated for you. :)

Dear Barisan Nasional,
1. I love the progression of this country, before. Under Tun Dr. Mahathir, where everything ran smoothly and rapid changes can be seen here and there. Pak Lah, are you sleeeping? Yes, you do. Sometimes.
2. What is Islam Hadhari? Another version of Islam? a Modernised ones? Leaders without hijab? Revise the Holy Quran, please. Not your 'Guide of Islam Hadhari'.
3. Why there are sooo many foreigners workin here, in Malaysia? Please stop flooding my country for God's sake! There are plenty of jobless Malaysian right under your nose!
4. Do something to gain my vote next 5 years ok?! Or else, you'll lose one precious vote, for sure!
5. I heart BN (UMNO, MCA, MIC)... Heee...


Dear Barisan Alternatif,

1. Could you please STOP raising cheap issues?! eg; oil price, Anwar Ibrahim, sodomy, bribery, Altantuya, etc.

2. If you are a real Islamic party, please, do as what our Prophet pbuh did. Please don't lie with the name of Islam.

3. Show us how a prophetic leadership. You scared us out with your so-called Islamic agenda.

4. I Love my religion. Don't taint it with continuous animosity, empty promises, blah,blah,blah.

5. I heart you BA (PAS, KEADILAN, DAP) ...erm did I missed annything?

Here the reasons why:1. I hate people blaming, finger-point, hate each other. C'mon-lah, we Malaysian maa...Let's go mamak and settle this down.

2. I used to follow my parents, who both are staunch followers of BN. I hated whenever the YB raising his voice to spice up his speech. Few more decibels, I'll be deaf.

3. Whenever the election season come pay a visit, all I eat is nasi bungkus in white polystyrene. My mom and dad will be busy campaigning. No breakfast, No Lunch, No Brunch, No Tea, No Dinner, only Supper (they will be home with whatever leftovers at the pusat).

4. I don't know which side is right, and which side is wrong. It'll be much easy if both party stop lying. Then I'll know which is more capable in running this country. (I know that'll never happen)

5. The utmost important reason is.....I am still 20++, which mean I am not legitimate enough to VOTE! TQ!

p/s: Who the hell started this war at the first place?? Curse be with him/her. Ape shit. Sonofabitch!
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Anonymous said...

Moja... U look cute in every single one of the pics... haha...

Anonymous said...

It's P.O.L.I.T.I.C dear..
u can't see the bona fide of it..
every single parties has their own blunders..
thank God that we still can't vote for this impending election..
My head will blow if I were to choose..
Vote for BN..haha money..money..money..(Poetics Ammo style)
Vote for BA..you are guaranteed a place in somewhere heaven..(which heaven..??)..

Anonymous said...

LOL. :)


Yeah, can't say more. Politic is Diirrrtyy...Hahahahaha...
PakLah vs Anwar?!
I hate both!

Anonymous said...

babe,,i guess we just need to stick wif what we have...
it's better than those bullshit sheap lies frm the BA,,,i hate their approaches to get us to vote,,i hate them!!!
hate!!!! hate!!! hate!!!!

Anonymous said...

huhu... since when did you took those hideous photos of you? can't say nice because you are a pig*lol*.... i don't even care about politics... both parties(frankly sayin' BN and BA) are just sets of faggots and liars who are planning well to get their pockets loaded. politics, politics, politics... no need to say something bad about the opposition party just to gain vote... it's ridiculous to see their campaign ads... my nuffnang and google ads are far more better!!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

moja..isn't that ur singlet kt ats kpala lam pic 4 BA tu?? hehehe..

(ku bocor rahsia kau)wahahaha!

Anonymous said...


xikut 'abg' tu ke sem nih? =P

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I kinda hate/like them...51% Dun like, not hate, 49% Like, not Love... I wonder is there any gigs or concerts if BA ruling out the country... *sigh...

Anonymous said...


TQ for 'bocor-ing' my secret. The whole house didn'y have 'kopiah'. What can I do? So, I just wrapped up my head with my white-colored singlet..Still look like 'kopiah' right??? :)

Anonymous said...

ahahaha,,no wonder your kopiah looks so weird,,
silly me,,,i thought it was the official PAS kopiah or maybe u were so "cute" (cited from Val,,ahahaha) that u made the kopiah looked so different,,,

Anonymous said...

Moja, you blended well with the outlook of both BN and BA. :)

I am an eligible voter but still wondering whether to cast my sacred vote considering the fact that I have to spend more than RM300 to fly back to Kuching.

Well, I don't like the way we were being brought up to believe that the BN is always the right-wing while the BA is always the left-wing. When we were kids people around us always tell us that BN is always the good guys while BA is always the bad. Even our History (Sejarah) book tells us so. Pathetic...

Anonymous said...


Yep, everything seems really 'undemocratic'. All we see on telly is BN, BN. and more BN. A democratic country should give fair chance of the right to voice out their opinion too. Obviously, our Boleh-land is not really promote democracy...

Absolutely pathetic! Hahaha..

p/s: Better don't waste ur RM 300 Dan, belanja me will be much,much better..LOL

Anonymous said...

huhu... consider RM300 to fly back to sabah.. easiest thing to do, do not vote!! let other people decide. when it comes to politics, it will always be unfair and it involves some "janji manis" that will eventually be the same.

Anonymous said...

huhu... consider RM300 to fly back to sabah.. easiest thing to do, do not vote!! let other people decide. when it comes to politics, it will always be unfair and it involves some "janji manis" that will eventually be the same.


Anonymous said...


Agree! Hahaha...LOL...Politicians..

Anonymous said...

let others decide????????
dude,,,this is our country,,,dis is our future!!!!
are u saying that u r gonna let others decide ur future???
what about concert???? gigs???? dude,,,that's our lives,,our future!!!!
r u willing to sacrifice that???
(erk,,gigs mayabe)
but still...
it's as simple as u let people to choose which toilet bowl u r gonna use to "berak"...
got it?
it's our life,,our prerogative,,,it's in our hands,,,why would we want to lose that?
why would we want to live on others trace???
why dun we decide ourselves??????
so that we won't wonder "what if",,for the rest of ourlives...
yep,,,politics are shit,,,but still,,,we dun hv to live helplessly!!!

Anonymous said...


Ok,OK...I'll cast a vote for BN then...more gigs n concerts are coming... If the BA wins, who gonna be PM? Nik Aziz? Hell NO!!! :P

Anonymous said...

1. Could you please STOP raising cheap issues?! eg; oil price, Anwar Ibrahim, sodomy, bribery, Altantuya, etc.

2. If you are a real Islamic party, please, do as what our Prophet pbuh did. Please don’t lie with the name of Islam.

3. Show us how a prophetic leadership. You scared us out with your so-called Islamic agenda.

4. I Love my religion. Don’t taint it with continuous animosity, empty promises, blah,blah,blah.

5. I heart you BA (PAS, KEADILAN, DAP) …erm did I missed annything?

this is the counter for all d statement above...

1. oil price, Anwar Ibrahim, sodomy, bribery are not cheap issues... it will influence our life...eg: In Singapore, even oil price more xpensive than m'sia but the minimum of salary is around RM2000!!! Minimum salary In malaysia???

In Indonesia, there is same situation about oil price compare to us BUT with RM10.00 we can afford a lot of things.. In Malaysia with RM10.00????

'Please don’t lie with the name of Islam'

2. what our Muhammad did that my party not did??
lie with the name of Islam??!!!
what kind of lie mann... tell us??!!

3.how come to show our leadership while the goverment controlled d media tottally???!!!!!

4. how come to fullfill our promises while the goverment controlled d royalty???!!!!

Anonymous said...


Geez...never thought its gonna blown up like this. Dude, no offense, but I really think none of the parties here in Malaysia ...but, when it comes to Islamic Country... I extracted this from Bernama:
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 17 (Bernama)-- Malaysia is a glorious Islamic country because its people shun racism and are not blindly obsessive,obsession, the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar Dr Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, said.

"I pray to God for Malaysia to continue to be peaceful, safe and progressive, have a loving and caring people and be spared of slander," he said in an interview with Bernama Saturday.

His speech in Arabic was translated by religious advisor to the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Dr Abdul Hamid Othman.

Dr Sheikh Muhammad advised Muslims not to use religious differences to shy away from cooperating with people of other faiths in the country.

He also disagreed with the action of branding other Muslims as infidel. On the split among Muslims due to sect, Dr Sheikh Muhammad said differences in opinion and split among the sects were allowed as long as they did not lead to physical assault.

On the Palestinian issue, he said Muslims there helped each other. "When they (Palestinians) refrain from fighting each other, they can be like a strong building and victory will be theirs soon if they unite," he added.

Dr Sheikh Muhammad, 80, is in the country for the Al-Azhar World Alumni Multaqa.

I'll follow the grand ulama' and I'm sure that he knows about what he's talking bout. I'm not following ppl that call himself a pious or ulama' and talk crap about other ppl. Government or opposition, God forbids us all from talk shit about others!!?!

Gimme an example of a perfect Islamic country. None. Here in M'sia, you can sit in Masjid 24/7 if you want to. No one will kick you out. We are indeed in a peaceful country.

I appreciate both oppsitions n the gov, but give critics in a more healthy way...:) critics to boost our country for a better!!

Anonymous said...

Peserta Multaqa menerima konsep Islam Hadhari?(haha sorry IN MALAY)

Benar atau tidak para peserta menerima konsep tersebut, ia terserah kepada pengetahuan Allah SWT yang telah menurunkan Islam yang sebenar melalui lidah baginda Rasulullah s.a.w.

Tetapi apa pendekatan Islam Hadhari yang cuba diperjuangkan oleh PM? Benarkah semua menteri, wakil rakyat, ahli Parlimen Umno dan BN menerima pakai konsep itu? Kenapa di negara-negara OIC lain tidak ada istilah Islam Hadhari termasuk Mesir, di mana ramai ilmuan al-Azhar menjadi peserta Multaqa, tidakkah mereka tidak tahu mengenainya supaya dapat diperkenalkan di negara mereka?

Apa yang menghairankan kita, ramai di kalangan rakyat Malaysia yang merupakan graduan al-Azhar tetapi tidak dijemput secara rasmi. Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang, Ustaz Ahmad Awang, Ustaz Abdul Ghani Samsuddin, Dr Mahfodz Mohammad dan ramai lagi tokoh-tokoh bukan sahaja dalam PAS, begitu juga para pensyarah univeriti tempatan.

Persoalan Islam Hadhari yang hanya digunakan secara popular istilahnya di Malaysia, Pengerusi BN sepatutnya menjemput mereka ini bagi membincangkan dalam satu forum yang disaksikan oleh peserta Multaqa dengan tajuk cadangan seperti Islam Hadhari lawan Hadharah Islamiah.

Pihak BN boleh mengemukakan soalan, kenapa PAS dan ramai lagi ahli akademik di Malaysia dan juga saudara-saudara baru (golongan mualaf) tidak bersetuju dengan penggunaan pendekatan istilah itu, mereka lebih tahu daripada psereta yang disajikan omong-omong kosong yang sebarnya hanya gimik politik kotor Umno dan BN.

Tetapi apa sebenarnya pembangunan yang hendak dilaksanakan dalam pendekatan konsep Islam Hadhari?

Naib Canselor Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Prof Dr Abdul Shukor Husin turut membentangkan kertas kerja pada Multaqa tersebut menumpukan kepada pembangunan rohani yang seimbang.

Beliau yang juga merangkap Pengerusi Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan, membentangkan kertas bertajuk 'Pendekatan Islam Hadhari: Pengalaman Malaysia'.

Pembangunan berdasarkan pengalaman di Malaysia sejak ia diperkenalkan tiga tahun lalu, dapat dilihat menerusi cara hidup orang Islam yang semakin kritikal bergelumang dengan hiburan melampau, penampilan mereka bagaikan macam orang bukan Islam, percampuran lelaki dan perempuan bebas tanpa batasan, boleh kita katakan, bahawa hati-hati orang Islam menuju ke arah kematian dan kekerasan akibat tidak ditarbiah dengan program-program agama.

Pembangunan yang sepatutnya diberi perhatian terlebih dahulu, ialah pembangunan insan dengan aspek agama dalam segenap agenda hidup mereka secara menyeluruh, ia dapat dijelmakan melalui cara berfikir, berpolitik, berkeluarga, bermasyarakat, berpakaian, penampilan diri yang sukses dengan Islam ke arah pencapaian sahsiah jati diri Muslim sebenar yang hanya memhambakan diri kepada Allah dan bukannya selain-Nya.

Pembangunan insan yang menjelamakan kalimah tauhid 'Tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah - iaitu manifesto yang juga menyakini bahawa tiada undang-undang melainkan undang-undang Allah', jika ia tidak dapat dilakukan, maka pilihlah salah satu daripada dua konsep yang pernah disebut oleh para ulama Islam - 'Ambillah Islam semuanya, atau tinggalkan Islam semuanya'. Mudah-mudahan Muslim tidak terkeliru dengan dakyah mereka yang mengkhianati Islam.

this is fact...
to boost our county better, UNDILAH ISLAM

Anonymous said...


Mengkhianati Islam? I don't really a deply religious man. There's a lot of things in this 'deen that remain unknown to me. But, 1 thing for sure is, when it comes to politic, there's a lot of uncertain facts. I wont say that BN is TOTALLY right, neither BA... because, what they did never reflect the what Prophet Muhammad did. What my Prophet did is, TOLERATE.

I don't think by casting a vote for PAS, I'm voting for Islam. Islam and politic is very coherent,but now, I see too many flaws in BN as well as BA. As I wrote in my post, I don't even really fancy Islam Hadhari... But if the grand Ulama' can approve that, who am I to go against it? Don't worry I'm not gonna cast a vote this year..:P

xsalah berselisih pendapat, untuk minda yg lebey sihaaatt!!!
Same2lah kita doa untuk Malaysia yg lebih aman n baik.
Moga2, Allah berkati kita semua ya!!!

MOJAhideen, Ukhuwwah Fillah Fi Jannah!

Anonymous said...

Ok,OK…I’ll cast a vote for BN then…more gigs n concerts are coming… If the BA wins, who gonna be PM? Nik Aziz? Hell NO!!!

-eyp don't ever sneer Nik Aziz..!!
he's an ulama' okay..even sometimes he too forget that.U can't say that if Nik Aziz rules Malaysia which I think it's rather absurd, gigs and concerts are going to be banned.NO..as far as I'm concerned,he's really tolerating on that now.The evidences are really vivid, the Mawi's concert and the undeplorably invitation of Maya Karin to lay her feet in Kelantan proved it.Besides, we are a multi racial country, he will surely won't act on things that will bring riot among the citizens by banning gigs and concerts.So don't jump on conclusion that if he were to be the PM(again, it's indeed absurd), all the 'duniawi'(haha)will be banned.
Again. moja, you should not base your vote by thinking for just 'duniawi'..all the concerts and gigs are 'hiburan semata-semata'.Nik Aziz never said that he won't allow or disapprove such entertainment,he just states that the entertainment must be in par with everything.
Btw, who's MOJAhideen..??He's good.haha

-when reading this comment, please try to imagine that it was written by someone you don't know-

Anonymous said...


Hehehe, I don't know how someone can be classified as ulama', but as far as I concern, a real ulama' should have never have political intention and lead a prophetic leadership and lifestyle. And I still wonder how Nik Aziz can be considered as an ulama'. I will take words from those Ulama' that has no political intention and lead ppl by example. If Qardawi can approve M'sia as a good Muslim country, why can't we? and plus, who are we not to agree on that? hmmm....pondering...

Anonymous said...

Islam revolves wholly,economic,lifestyle and etc as well as in politic too. Our prophet pbuh also was a really active politician.Sadly in Malaysia, we don't really follow that.Malaysia is an Islamic country,hmm I can't agree more.

Anonymous said...


Obviously...What to do? Everything's upside-down. Politicians are getting hungry for mega-projects, money, etc...

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