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Sometimes I see, a hell lot of people admire something that they are not meant to have or belong to. From celebrities to politicians, from teachers to students, from to neighbors to friends. We want in a centre of attention, we want more than something we already held in our hands. So, they're slipping through our fingers without we noticing it.
We want to be noticed, but we are hiding in pitch darkness.
We want to be heard, but we won't hear others.
We want to be seen, but our eyes are closed to see others.
We want to be understood, but we make a living Hell for others. 
I want to be someone who can really see something that more than meets the eye. I want see those unseen faces, who do not seek for fame or glory, who always be contented with the life that they had. I want to see those faces and I want to be one.
Sometimes, it's better not to be seen.


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