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This is random, I know. But bila ada girlfriend / tunang / wife nanti, I want photobooth's photo like this to be in my wallet, my desk, my bedroom side table, my kitchen, and my office.

Pictures with mini-me or mini-her also would be even cooler. Can I have a family and a good career now? I want to be a cool, successful, nerdy dad. Yes.


This is far more bizarre that the previous, but suddenly this idea pop-up out of nowhere in my medula oblongata: "What if my son / daughter be reading this years after this? Internet would likely be here like forever, right?" Ohoho! Shitzo. See? Dad loves you even before I met your mother. Be good because Dad loves you!

I should stop this madness and prepare for my maiden talk session NOW!


theroyalcrapster said...

dear son/daughter of Moja who is yet to be borned,

i am a good person, and i want to be your godmother. your father has been a really good friend of mine, and i want to return the favour. i will give you cool presents for all your birthdays, record all your antiques on my phone, bring my children to play with you and share their toys, and shower you with love like you are my own.

i hope you grow up to be like your father, or better, and i anticipate your birth to this world.


your aunt izza.

azalia rahman said...

sumpah i have this kind of idea already in my head!
i like!
take random2 photos and frame them and place it all over the house! ;)

Moja Amin said...


Sweet sungguh! Aku kasi satu post untuk commemorate this!

Moja Amin said...


Great minds think alike, no? Hahahaha!

azalia rahman said...


sharman said...

and now we wait for the post, on how i met your mother ;)

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