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I finally updated my blog, damnit!

It’s been awhile, being away from this blog. Phew. Today, I took few hours hours to actually scroll down and re-read my previous posts. Some of them are quite funny, immature and silly, I must admit. But yes, that is the real portrayal of my life few years back. Some of the posts are so bloody emotional; its like a torrential of emotional breakdown; betrayal, sadness whatevershit.
This blog really rocks my socks off lah!
After almost a year, being a lazy bugger (of not updating, writing anything), I decided to resume writing – simply because the fun of it. 2010 is really, really been my BEST, AWESOMEST year so far. I embarked on crazy life journey; make loads of friend (and few enemies) along the way; and I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR 2011 reveal herself soon.

Cheers to this (blogging) revelation!


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