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It's 4:36 am. Few more hours to go.

Update 1: 4:57 am. Checking for 2009 MAS pilot's recruitment. Too excited. Can't barely sleep.
Update 2: 5:33 am. Can't sleep, been watching National Geographic's Worst Mid-Air Plane Collision.
Update 3: 5:49 am. Watching Hudson Plane Crash in 2009, NYC. Miracle may happen!
Update 4: 6:11 am. Adzan. Finished watching, perfect timing. Solat.
Update 5: 6:27 am. Now smells better, switch on the lights. Good Morning, people!
Update 5.2: 6:30 am. Launched iTunes, Adele and Amy Winehouse as early breakfast. Don't do Britney in the morning, way too raunchy, Moja!
Update 6: 6:56 am. Dressing up. Nice-looking little fledglings may be waiting. ahoy!
Update 7: 7:03 am. Off to KLIA, the nest of the iron birds. Gotta catch them! Bye!

Final Update: 16:34 pm. Here, back in Shah Alam.

(Pics: Boeing 747-400 Malaysia Airlines)


ila ni said...

mau amek aviation ke?
i thought u're going to be a balloonist :p

Ridhwan said...

eh, wait.

i'm confused.

where are you going exactly?

Azie Nazri said...

hmmmm, wonder what this is.
makes you as excited as Britney?
must be really fun. ;)

btw, ponteng update. (again hehe)

heard that who didnt come for the module doesnt only have to replace it next sem but also be fined RM50. (for each sem missed) meaning if you didnt go for this sem, and you replace it during part 6, then you'll have to pay RM100.

thats what Ms Shima told us.

Moja Amin™ said...


Kalau lah boleh, I dah lama ambil.


Moja Amin™ said...


Teman my fren pergi KLIA.

(and I'm the one yang ultra-excited)

Moja Amin™ said...


Refer to my next post.

You can be my loyal secretary (of truancy)!

Oh yeah, I've heard that from BJ and Fifi. Ahahaha! Don't worry miss secretary, I promise to attend next sem! Hahaha!

and RM50. I can buy 2 books outta that. geez.

ila ni said...

"Checking for 2009 MAS pilot's recruitment"

isk..benci lah! mati-mati dah ready nak jeles.
naik tak mr.belon?

Moja Amin™ said...


Hahahaha.. Well, I'm an avid reader of the forums and whatnot!

Mr. Belon only fly at 5pm! We arrived around 12 and its blazing hot. So we headed back to s.a jer. Next tym maybe?

nashrah said...

tak tido sbb nk g klia? klakarla :))

Moja Amin™ said...


Obsession sucks, you know! Big time!

LIYANA said...

ayah aq keje sane..rileks jer..
buhsan hari2 kene ulang alik frm puncak alam ke KLIA..penat dowh!!hahaha

Moja Amin™ said...


Ye ke?
ahahaha.. Aku love airports like hell! ahahahaha!

LIYANA said...

ler hang xtau ka???

weih,jgn jeles..
ayah aq dh keje at 3 diff airports..hehehe

airport subang,airport penang & now KLIA!!!

Moja Amin™ said...


Ayah ko taw tak mane nak beli yg model planes yg mini2 tuh..

semalam ak cari dekat klia. Harga die cheapest, RM 99 satu. maybe sebab material die stainless steel. ak kalo bley nak cari yg plastik punye jer.

hit me back, k?

LIYANA said...

ooooo..ok2 nanti aq tanye die..

LIYANA said...

ayah aq ade satu & he gave to my youngest bro..
bt dun worry i told him to find a boeing or whatnot model for u..mayb die kasi free or byr sket..hahaha

Moja Amin™ said...


Haa.. panjang S aku tuh!

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