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[BoOnga ft. WHI]

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Yeah, I know the quality of the picture is terrible beyond words, but just bare with it! Haha! I took this pics when I was having Milo Ais at mamak stall.

These are the pictures of the owner of BoOnga shoes being interviewed LIVE in Wanita Hari Ini this noon. Fuiyoh. Boonga is getting big, I tell you! And to Firdaus Putra and his awek, Aisyah, congratulations! and I'm your no. 1 fan (walaupun xbeli kasut satu pun lagi!) hahaha!

Visit (and order the shoes) them here!

p.s: Yang penting, made in UiTM. ahahaha!

p.s.s: Kena baca Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad asap!


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