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Take a picture. It'll last longer. And I do believe in that!

Photographer Ryan Marshalls takes weekly photos of her wife and his unborn child. Cool, isn't? He even put some personal notes beside each photos and for me, it's ultra-creative, no?

Maybe I should consider doing this to my 'future' wife! (not clad in SUCH outfit for sure!)

The problem is; I don't even know who she is!


This is so random.

(via PacingThePanicRoom)


Ridhwan A. said...


Moja Amin said...


Yeah it is.

Liyana Hanim said...

cool gils..aq pon nk wat la camtuh nanti
tp yeah..xkan la nk pakai tube dress tuh!!LOL

ko bygkan..bile anak die dh besau,blog tuh mayb ade lg
and mesti besh cos he/she dpt tgk camne die membsr dlm perut!!
tech is super cool!!!

Moja Amin said...


Tu la.. pakai yg baggy pon xpe jugak.. kan?

Azie Nazri said...

love the idea.
tapi nak tangkap seniri2 (self-timer) and nak simpan seniri2.
hubby pun takleh tengok.
baby pun takleh.
oh wait, maybe baby bleh tengok. if its a she and only when she's gonna be a mommy herself.
besnyeeeeee ;)

Moja Amin said...


Hubby pon xboleh?

Alaa.. xsemestinya pakai body-hugging clothes, kan? Pakai jubah pon wil still look good what? Ahahaha

It's a good reminder to them babies!
"jangan nak derhaka, tengok my belly when I was pregnant! It's darn heavy!"


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