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[Weekly Quickie]

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#5. SIFE

I joined SIFE about 2 weeks ago and I'm loving it! SIFE gives me serious chance to help others and the most important thing is; Money is never a problem! You can do almost everything BUT it must be give massive impacts to the people around you. This club is sponsored by numerous credible sponsors such as MAS, XFresh FM, Zang Toi, Shell, just to name a few. I'm so interested in business, how to handle it and the right way to organize the money and I really, really am looking forward to improve others' life financially.

and not to forget, I am currently working on a proposal of maiden archery buttress' manufacture in Malaysia. Wish me luck, people. 

#4. Books

I Love Orwell's Animal Farm so much. It reminded me of SHIT by Shahnon Ahmad, the most controversial political satire around 1999. Since my dad prohibited me to read it back then (maybe Im too young for it back in 99), now I'm looking forward to read it, later maybe. 

OK. The big thing is, I'm working on my personal list of "100 must-read books before  I turn 25". Am still looking for good books to be listed in, because none of the available lists on the net satisfy me. So I decided to come out with my own list. You should too!

(and SHIT is included. A must)

#3. T.I

I can't believe this myself. I already downloaded the whole 'Paper Trail' album. I swear I never have such hip-hop( or rap?) songs in my iTunes. And to my surprise, I Love most of the songs! Especially 'Dead and Gone' and "I'm Illy". Geez. 

"Old me is dead and gone away"

#2. Shit

Shit happens.

Shit happens.

Shit happens.

and I Love it.

#1. B.

She's back. Britney is back and I'm so freaking jealous to those who can watch the tour live! All I can do is 'Google'-ing and watch few (very few) shaky, amateur clips by the fans. Thanks to them, those clips still able to send chill down my spine. 

Saya Suka Britney.

(ada siapa2 nak buat issue regarding this?)



suraya said...

i'm trying to finish orwell's 1984 but i'm easily distracted, so far i've just finished about 100+ pages but i keep putting it off for later! haha. i picked up animal farm in mph last year, but found out it was too...political? for my liking. (yeah i'm not big on politics much) but i've been reading rave reviews about it, might try to read it one day.

ahh, book list. my favorite!

ila ni said...

"Saya Suka Britney.
(ada siapa2 nak buat issue regarding this?)"

let me be the one who'll explore this topic! the topic will be : AHAKS & BRITNEY = ? ohkohkoh

Moja Amin™ said...


Oh yeah! So I heard that 1984 is a good read, too! And the reviews kept saying that it's actually better than AF.

and have no qualm, lady. All of us commit that sin; half-read them books. Hahahaha!


Moja Amin™ said...

Ila ni,


Britney- my BIGGEST guilty pleasure! Hahaha!
She's hot kan?

How can a man resist that?

Azie Nazri said...

i think ive heard about SIFE before.
good for you!
a great way for creating links.

and brit's tour.
at E!, they say her performance have been kinda not so great kan?
but to fans like u, i bet its never the case. hehe :p

Moja Amin™ said...

Azie Nazri,

Owh yeah!
Memang sedang membina jambatan-jambatan untuk kemaslahatan masa depan!

Brit's tour?
Yes. its never the case!

nashrah said...

kalau rmbt britney tu black, nmpk cam michael jackson dr blkg hehe

Moja Amin™ said...


Its a compliment orrrrrrrrrrr...........


nashrah said...

moja, if i compare britney to the king of pop, of course it's a compliment :P hahaha garang betul dier when it comes to britney. takut hahahahaha :))

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