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It is an utter stupidity to bicker over nampy-pamby occurrence.

and it's even 'stupider' to be the one who Loves to be the one who starts the fire.

Sometimes people failed to know who the real person they are, and ended up to be like clowns in their own circus. Laugh like there's no tomorrow at times, but cry a river after the show. Paint their face with colorful, vibrant colors and fake smiles. But they are suffocating and rotting inside. It ain't funny no more. Ironic, no? Sometimes people wished that the world keep on spinning and revolving around them, and worship them like the sun that shines. But they are not. They are just like a moon that gleams and shines with stolen rays of light from the sun. Nothing much to cheer.

There's a storm in your coffee cup;

and too bad, you don't even aware of it.


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