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[Iron Bird pt. ii]

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Today we had a long, long journey, from Shah Alam to KLIA and straight to Presinct 2 Putrajaya in Chip's little Yellow Mini Coop (Kelisa, it is. haha)! We went straight to KLIA to accompany Chip to meet his friend whose going to Japan to pursue his studies. And as usual, when it comes to going airports, I will not resist. I even can't sleep, waiting anxiously to be there.

There were about 60 to 80 Malaysian students, boys and girls, left Malaysia for Japan, casually clad in jet-black coats and pants, hunting for their dreams. Like any other usual departure, emotions were exchanged, tears shed, and family and friends bid tear-jerking goodbyes. And I met Kinah there, and we wandered here and there and did practice a little drama.


Here's the situation:

Hundreds of friends and family were waving, to the students. And Acad, Kinah and I crept into the sad, emotional waving crowd and start a little telenovela;

Kinah: Siapa nak tanggungjawab kat baby aku ni. Siapa? (waving aimlessly)

Moja: Sabar, Kinah. Sabar! Dia tak bertanggungjawab!!!(waving jugak)

Acad: Ko terpaksa mintak bapak dia tanggungjawab kat baby ni! (still waving)

(abang, pakcik, makcik kat sebelah pandang-pandang, mungkin berfikir, siapakah diantara budak-budak nak gi Jepun tu yang telah 'mengandungkan' Kinah. Dan kami berlalu tergelak-gelak tanpa rasa bersalah). Hahaha! Madam Rosalind must be proud of us three.


Oh. Airports. We always have this bittersweet relationship, no? Even though I failed to be one of the "metal-tubes" drivers, I fret not. Another time, maybe. So people, baffle not. I'm still not going anywhere. Hahaha!

p.s: The little drama at the airport is my brainchild. Genius! Ahahaha!

p.s.s: I met a female pilot at the bay for the first time and I find it sexy.

(Pics: Boeing 747-400 Malaysia Airlines)


z a w a n i b a d r i said...


misterTAJ? said...

dasar budak drama!

Azie Nazri said...


buat main nooo.

Moja Amin™ said...



Moja Amin™ said...


Budak psycho!!

Moja Amin™ said...


We're so freakin boring, so, there we go, killing the boredom!!!

(don't try this at home!)

nashrah said...

waa bestnye kwn chip g jepuuunnn! ala xpe, just keep a lookout for the recruitment for pilots next time. yakin boleh! :))

Moja Amin™ said...


Tu laa pasal. Tp jadi pilot lagi best. Hehehe!
Hehehe. I ALWAYS look forward for the recruitments! :P

LIYANA said...

bow down to greatness...^_^

Moja Amin™ said...


don't try this at home!

LIYANA said...

aq ade suggestion,korg wat dlm ktm/lrt time peak hours!!!
mesti reaction baek punyer...hahaha
acad jd org yg bertanggungjwb for the baby while ko kwn yg tenangkan si ibu..LOL

Moja Amin™ said...


OK jugak tu..
Tapi pastu mati laa Acad! Ahahahahaha!

fitriah said...

hahahahahaha*ketawa guling-guling*


Moja Amin™ said...


Kalau bersama Kinah, mmg itu yang akan berlaku!

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