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Tomorrow Ethos! will lead about 60 thespian (maybe) students to attend 'Sirah Junjungan' theater in Istana Budaya. I am glad that this maiden trip of the semester will finally work out. It's a bliss, really.

For those who are going to watch, I hope that you may absorb the knowledge as much as you can, and obtain profuse knowledge from the show. However, I'm not going to watch the theater for a reason. Do send my warm regards to Siti Nurhaliza, too. Hahaha!

I need money to buy (more) books.

And to some extent, the reason sounds so corny, cheesy and beyond the pale, but I really, really need to save some amount of my weekly allowance to buy more book for myself. Yeah, Obsession sucks.

And there's a MPH's 'Jimat Fair' this month up until this Sunday.

I have no choice.

I must go.


ila ni said...

book fair juga sedang berlangsung di upm, di fakulti kejuruteraan tapi x tau buku jenis apakah yg dijual.

nashrah said...

hmph. (down nye hmph) apela moja ni, apela apela apelaaaaa boooooo hahahahaha. kidding :p at least the reason of u not going is a solid one, in an obsessed kind of way. no no im kidding. oh btw ive heard abt the clearance sale! i thought dah hbs. ade lg wheee.

Moja Amin™ said...


Ada jugak?
Thanks for informing!


Moja Amin™ said...


You nak pergi jugak? Hehehehe.

I will 'pow' my sis nye duit.
(yeah, I'm a bad, bad lil bro!)

firra321 said...

moja ade ke xde ke. same je. lalalala

Moja Amin™ said...


ye laa fira..
siapalah aku...


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