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There are two possible shitty issues that you have to face when you're single;

1. People might think that you're pious and weird 
2. and from bad to worse, People might think that you're Homosexual. Period

Thanks to Tatie, at last I had something in mind to write this evening. Believe me, it's hard to be single, at this age to be exact. 

For some, being single is weird. It's like you're missing something in your life. After three dysfunctional relationships (after 17 y.o), I started to think that I had enough with the temporary joys and constant heartaches. I've been reading "Aku Terima Nikahnya" and currently at page 52,( Kudos to Azie Nazri ) and finally I know what I've been feeling of late. Eventually, I realized, that I'm NOT that weird. I'm NOT a gay. I'm NOT a pious. I just follow another path in life that people try hard to hinder. 

I find joy things that revolve around me. I don't need a hand to hold mine. I don't need RM 5-ring to make me feel complete. Or constant phone calls and SMSes to keep me awake in the middle of the night. I don't need all that. AllI need right now is God, Friends and Family. That will keep me smiling and giggling all day long.

Sometimes, some people failed to juggle between 'relationship' and the other important matters. That makes them missed few wonderful everyday' lessons in living their lives. They spend less time with friends, losing focus in living life and etc. BUT, there are people who can juggle them pretty well. They know how to keep everything in balance, which is good, in my viewpoint. 

No matter what your stance in dealing with this 'relationship' issue, just make sure that you know well what you're up to, and in keeping a good 'relation' with your bf/gf, always do remember another utmost important 'relationship', which is toward our God

Life is simple.

That's all what matters.


*You're more than welcome to disagree!!


wanie said...

what's wrong for being single?
if i can, i'll choose to be single...
so, enjoy ur single life!

daniel said...

Moja, don't worry, being single doesn't mean that one is homosexual. I know the public perception, but it is just not so. I would say being single is a time for us to know ourselves better and keep learning new stuffs and acquire knowledge. You'll miss being single when you are married. Hehe.

moja said...


Hahahaha.. Yeah!
Being single rocks!

moja said...


Hahaha! Thanks Dan!
We are so parallel in some ways aren't we?


nur aimi said...

i like being single.. *not to say i'm not enjoying my current r'ship (:*
because i always find myself in a journey in life that i don't think i'll have time for when i'm in a r'ship..
and only Allah swt knows how much those journeys mean to me..
and i know it will mean a lot for u too..
plus, u have all of us..
yg "sayur-mayur dlm bersukan" bak kate kau..
kan? haha :-D

moja said...


Yeah! :)
When you have plenty of frens (or sayur-sayuran),it's ok to be single. Hahaha.

Lagipun muda lagi kan?! so no need to rush on this matter ryt?!


20 sen seikat!

nyonyanurul said...

i'm single too moja but that doesn't make me a lesbian. haha. being single doesn't make our lives a living hell. kn2? so, chill je. wahaha.

moja said...


Hahahaha. Yeah!

Vote her here:


and cast your vote on
Wan Nurul Aini Wan Shuib!!!

Liyana said...

btul tuh!!aq lg laa Moja,dh nk dekat 3 years okay aq single mingle nih..dh biase dh...ahaha

moja said...


Single mingle? Hahahaha.. New word of the day. Being single and mingling around with everybody! Cool. Hahaahha!

*Pass cookies skeeeeeett! :P

emomotamus said...

chet... aku nih dah masuk 21 taun tak pernah bercinta...

Tatie said...

did i just do something wrong moja?
sowey la..
gurau2 je dowh...

oh damn2222!
skng rase guilty macam gile!

Liyana said...

single and ready to mingle..hahaha
mestila single kene mingle around...
cool kn??
but still ko xbley gi Bosnia gaks!!!xboleyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
ko kene gi India!!!!

*cookies dh habis..sowiiee

SafwanSingle said...

Single rocks......
And this is coming from a virgin.

(never had any serious relationship)

moja said...


Alalalala... No laa.. Patut laa muke seposen jer tadiks! xde mende la! Hahahahaha.

moja said...


Nak giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

ko bake laa laen!
kasi 1 tuppeware kat ak!

moja said...


Hahaha. Yes, it is.
Virgin? I still am!!!


moja said...


Your time will come. Soooooooooon!!!

Izlin said...

saye setuju jgk! single memang best. hehe. not that being in rship tk best. tp.

ok. jap. scratch that. -.-!

BOTH pon best! dgn syarat, we have do it right. kan? (like u said)

and pegi mam org nk ckp ape, dorang jeeless la tu ur saham never turun ok ^^\/

moja said...


Thanks for stopping by!

Betul, we just have to do it RIGHT!

nur aimi said...

suke suki je kan label ak as kangkung??

ak cauliflower la..

rm10 sekilo ok..

hahaha :p

irmaain said...

single ke kapel ke xkisah.
yg pntg tau hargai hidup,ingatkan Tuhan selalu.
then bahagia la.;)
bahagia bkn pd being single ke x.
menghargai n b'syukur la pnting.:)

sy seorang yg sll bahagia.

p.s : moja,buatlah post yg menarik supaya bahagia sy bertambah. hahahaha. suka lah! :P

nashrah said...

i never perceived single men as gays or religious before. so ur post is quite funny hehe. but i agree that you dont have to have someone to be happy. friends and family and God are already complete. oh but im one of those ppl who can 'juggle'. terer tak? :)

Liyana said...

xde aimi jer boley ikot aq gi bosnia..
ko&acad layak gi india jersss..hahaha

nk cookies??bg la duet...ehem2..duet buku???muahaaha

aq bru perasan ko ltk kangkung & sawi in reference to aimi&tajul..LOL
aimi nk jd cauliflower??
aq nk jd broccoli!!

nur aimi said...

yeay!! li baik :-D
sayang li lebih2!!

n yes, u can b broccoli my dear..
hehehe :-P

i am jane said...

i am more than happy to agree.
" the RM5-ring " err, a bit offensive to those who are wearing it.
ha-ha !
singleton rocks ! :)

emomotamus said...

:O aku sbg sayur yg murah!!! sedeyh weh... aku nk ikut gi bosnia or korea or india... tp tade duit weyh!!!

Takazama said...

"All I need right now is God, Friends and Family. That will keep me smiling and giggling all day long."

Thank God He still makes u giggle.. A lot of people didn't get His sense of humor.

moja said...


Agak suka laaa..

moja said...


Betol2! Hehehehe..
asal tahu batasnye... :)

moja said...


Yes, Funny it is!

Terer juggle eyh?
Bdw, I've met your bf yesterday!

moja said...


hentikan drama pasar anda itu! :P

moja said...


Lelong sayur murahan! :P

moja said...


Ooops?! Offensive eyh?
Sorry people!


moja said...

Takazama/Mr Azam,

God is humorous n cool, I think.
But sometimes ppl tend to be so serious in living life, so they somehow missed His sense of humour.


Azie said...

ok, first of all thanks for the credit there.
proud of being able to contribute to the sudden awaking. HAHA.

but heyyy, since when being single means being pious.
and even if it is true, since when does being pious becomes a bad thing?
if someone says im pious, ofcourse i would be shocked but u know what? deep inside me, id feel honoured.
what better way to be judged by people by thinking that we are the types who obey to His rules and are faithful to Him.
betul tak?

pious does not means that he has to be single. ramai je yang still kapel tapi pandai jaga batasan.
macam ustaz hasrizal cakap dalam buku tu, kalau takde perancangan nak kawen dalam masa terdekat, takyah gatal2 nak kapel. (ok, so his version was nicer. hehe)

tapiii, kalau dah nak kawen n memang betul2 serius and they can bring themselves closer to Allah by being together (as in being in a relationship) then apa salahnya.. kan?

hehe sorry. terberleter.

kesimpulannya, saya gembira saya single. dan saya tau awak pun sama. :)

moja said...


Wahhhh.. Panjangnyee!!
Its not a bad thing. Its just ppl tends to be cynical about it. And it's not good.

I feel far from piousness (is ther such word?). So the expectations of certain people of being pious and single are killing me. I know its weird to be single at this age, in these days, but I just want to stick to what I believe in. Period.

Tu laa I said, Its ok if u can juggle your life whilst in a relationship. Dats a bonus, I think. I'm suck big time in juggling. Hahahaha!

Kesimpulan: Kesimpulan awak diterima!


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