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I'm bored.
So I came out with these random pictures and try to relate each with my dreams.

These what I'm hoping in the time ahead:
1. A library. For me, her (berangan) and ours.
2. A Shire-like neighborhood, less Desperate Housewives please.
3. A home. A shelter. A house. A roof over my head.
4. I want to drink more plain water. No kidding.
5. Write a book and get it published. InsyaAllah.
6. A camera to capture the smiles and tears.
7. Travel. Travel. Travel.
8. Bake cupcakes with my kids during weekends.
9. 4/5 of us together under one roof. Me, her and our 2/3 little angels.
10. Hear my angels chomping on the cereals.
11. A fish spa.
12. iPhone. iMac. MacBook. iPods. iLife!!

p/s: more dreams coming!


Tatie said...

2/3 little angels?
comel gile moja.

nur aimi said...

Moja dearest,

Sangat comel.. And I think it's great that you're thinking forward..

I want those things too..

But unfortunately, I'm too lazy to work my butt off towards those goals..

I hope you won't end up like me..

P/S: Nanti kalau kau bz, ak nk babysit 2/3 angels kau tu k? :-D

moja said...


2/3 sudey. Family planning.

moja said...


Chomel? Hahaha!
I'm bored yesterday, so I daydreamed a bit. But its cool. I feel inspired a bit.Hahahaha! :P

p/s: Of course! but I'm prettty sure that I will be busy with THEM! hahaha!


nur aimi said...


Aww.. Suweeeeet!! *quote dr Tajul*

That's good.. Family always comes first :-)

moja said...



Liyana said...

chomel nyer list nih!!
nanti if i don't get my own library(dr wish list aq tuh..),i'll head over to yours & hang there...haha

hey,you want your own shire?i saw this gorgeous shire blog background when i was searching for a new blog layout!sgt chanteq...if ko nk nanti aq carik balik..haha

yg no.5 tuh same la kiter...i think i blog about that last year..huhu

moja said...


*pondering why ppl said 'chomel'

Hahaha! Sure2 i'm pretty sure you'll get one for you too. And a big, spacious wardrobe too. Hahahaha.

No, la I just get jealous over the tranquility.I don't think I can use the template tho.

no5? OOoo, writer! Yeshh... Mari kita menulissss!!


irma said...

mereka rs comel sbb lelaki ckp psl kga.
well.........comeynya! lik dat la.. :D

travel? sy sgt suka.

i'm sony freak. tolak macbook. :P

nashrah said...

waaa tak sangke moja dah pk psl mase dpn. bgs2:) i think ur dreams are lovely and chomel. esp num 1,8,9,10 :))

moja said...


Ceyh..Rasanya llaki ramai je pk pasal family.
Cume xblog jer. Hahahaha

Cool. But not as cool as Mac!

moja said...



Hahahaha. Kiddies?!
I want to bite them!! Adorable little devils especially!

I think my dreams are cool.
I'm not sure abut 'lovely' and 'chomel'


nyonya said...


it's sooo rare to see
a guy writing about wanting to have a family, kids.... no wonder la they keep on saying 'chomel'. wahahaha.

i like most no. 8. i always wish that i cud get the chance to bake cupcakes n cookies with my dad. but again, that's just a wish that will never come true.
nevermind, when i have my own kids i'll make sure my hubby join us in the kitchen. hehehe...

moja said...


Owh.. ye ke? Dah 21 maa! dah xlame lagi dah. Hahaha. Maybe in 5 years ahead ke.. Ntah2, you found your Jay Sean dulu. Hahahaha!

I dun have a chance to do it with my dad too. And whatever we experienced, saw and learnt yesterdays should mould us in becoming a better parent in future kan? Hahaha...

I think, kitchen plays a BETTER role in bringing the whole family together, rather than the living room. Hahaha.

I should kumpul duit to build hugeeee kitchen, so we can play futsal too. Hahahaha!

nyonya said...


yup. jay sean... amin. *blush*

i want a studio in my home... just next to the kitchen. kalo my future hubby darling (jay sean) lapar sambil duk compose songs he can simply run to the kitchen n grab something to eat. wahahaha.

ok. now i'm talking crap.


moja said...


Xpayah studio lah, nyanyi dalam bathroom sudeyh! Hahahaha

siap amin lagi ngan Jay. Hahahaha. Dulu taufik, ni jay pulaks....


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