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"Dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask"

Recently I saw something that inspired me to go further and chase my dreams; my friends. The beauty of their dreams is they're not merely daydream about it, but they dare to make small steps in chasing what they want in life and try hard to drag the dreams out of vagueness into the reality.

They hunt down their dreams.

01. Miss Nyonya Fantasy / Wan 

Blessed with good look with and infinite confidence, she decided to try her luck in the showbiz and currently looking forward to be one of the casts in the 3rd season of Kerana Karina. Now, she tremendously in dire need of our support to make it becomes a reality. 

"Karina, kalau you sedih, just let it all out!
Tapi lepas tu, I tak nak tengok you menangis lagi... ok?
I nak tengok you senyum selalu, Karina.You're a star...you're strong!
You kena percaya pada diri you!"

p/s: She's a beauty WITH brain, OK?! DL tuuuhhh! 
Vote for her dream here.


02. My Noona / 'In

I was informed by her that she's going to an auditions of Sunsilk  shampoo's commercial. (The irony is, she never use it!). She's also enthusiastically anticipate in stage performing and I bet she can shine pretty well if enough efforts were given into it. Despite of her health problem, I bet Lady Luck was still smiling on her!

p/s: Don't break her heart, or I'll break your neck! 

03. Nani

This talented fella is blessed with mesmerizing enviable voice. I've heard she's singing since I was in the pre-degree program and she is indeed the next big thing! Keep on lullabying us with your great voice!

p/s: I'm her no1 fan!!

04. Wan Chai

You've heard his voice. This Anuar Zain wannabe (hahaha) really can bring the roof down! He sings almost everywhere, KBox, toilet, kenduri(s), events and etceteras. He once tried his luck in the previous AF, but luck seems not to be on his side, next year maybe?


My dreams are still vague and in a condition of uncertainty. I blame my dreamless night sleep for this occurrence. Damn. 

Keep me inspired! Tell me your dreams!!!! 


nyonya said...

hohoho... thx moja for writing about our dreams here. n thank u sooo much for putting up da link to vote for me. rase terharu sekali. must mention la dat "DL" macha. hahahaha.

btw, who's wan chai???

p/s: i hope... one day i'll get to read about ur dream(s) here or maybe i might be able to write about urs in my blog. *wink*

moja said...


Hahahaha. No sweat!! Bukan senang mau DL laa! Hahahaha..

Wan Chai?
Yang nyanyi lagu Anuar Zain waktu mekar tuh.. Sedap gila sore, tapi xmenang pape.

p/s: Hahaha.. soon ok? Soooooon. I must get my beauty sleep 1st, then only I can dream!


nur aimi said...


My dreams? Takde pun?

Hahaha :-P

Dreams aku ni pjg cite die..

Nnt aku story in person..

Ngehehehehe :-P

moja said...


Sebab I don't know, that's why I didn't put any! :P

SafwanDesperadoMiAmo said...

If we can dream it, we can be it,
if we just believe it, that there's nothing to it.....

(cilok dari lagu r kelly i believe i can fly. dan modified tanpa izin....)

moja said...


I believe I can sleep and dream!


Tatie said...

saye mimpi nak kawen dengan jude law. can?
tulis la pasal mimpi saye plak.

hehe..anyway..gud luck to those mentioned, specially wan nurul aini. u go girl!

moja said...


Tu sah2 tak terkejaaarrr!


wan_chai said...

sepa di dlm,ak kat luar..
hehe..thanx la moja coz promoting me here..nanti ak bagi ko gaji k..ain kali tulis la lagi pasal ak..nanti ak jual utk biography ak..ramai dowh org nak beli.. wahaha..

p/s: jgn ckp ak x diterima masuk AF tu,sebenarnya ak yg tolak dgn baik..dah 4 musim dah AF pujuk ak join,tp ak x nak..x main la AF2 ni..ak saja je nak try power..haha...

niza syazre said...

wah wan chai..x bole blah..
wah moja..how inspired reading ur fren's dreams..wat bout u?would love to read sum of ur dreams too...

ala..tpakse g audition lpas ni nak pusue my dreams yang da bkarat...

moja said...

Wan Chai,

Ko laa yang paling perasan sekali. Xbley blah!! Hahahahahaha!

Ko agak laku ke kalu jual autobiography pasal ko? Hahahaha..


moja said...


Yes, wan chai mmg x bley blah! Hahahaha

My dreams? I still can't figure it out yet. :( I don't know. Like what Herne said, what tomorrow may brings, let it be a surprise for me...


irmaygberangan said...

mn impian kamu? cpt tulis.
i'm sure u pun ada dreams.

tapi tnpa keberanian mimipi xbermakna.
yg membezakan kita hanyalah usaha n usia.

impian sy ialah i want to b a person that everyone scared to lose. bole? :P

moja said...


Xbrape ade laa.. but I will crack my brain of what I what I want to be soon, k?


arshad said...

ko terlupa dream aku nk sbg model..

or at least

walk on a runway modelling famous and renowned label..

one day my friend..one day..!

**tetibe terbangun tido!

lovehatetragedy said...

my dreamS... notice the capital S... hehehe

moja said...


telan ubat batuk.

moja said...



Hahahahaha. :P

Azie said...

awwww. this is sooo sweet.

moja said...


Hahahaha, TQ2!!
U r sweeter tho!


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