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I have MEDSI interview tomorrow at 1 pm. Tomorrow might be the writing, personality test and will be followed by the Interview on November 3. 

IF I were able to somehow get this scholarship, that means I will be serving as a lecturer in any polytechnics that scatter around the country. I will do my best tomorrow but my heart still in vague. I don't know whether I really want this, or vice versa. 

I am visionless, dreamless and aimless, to date.

I used to have a dream- I want to be an airline aviator. But due to some occurrences, the dream has shattered into tiny pieces and now, here I am studying and keep on sinking my face into things that I didn't like. One not-so-good thing about me is, I NEVER failed any interviews that I've sat. So, every decisions will be left for me to decide, to be or not to be. And I loathe it the most. So I will end up turning off the offer or just go for it and eventually found it didn't suit me at all. More time wasted. 

Therefore, from this moment, I pray to Allah that, if this job/offer/scholarship is not meant for me, or there are better opportunities for me in the time ahead, just let me FAIL the interview. I don't want to end up in bafflement and continuous regrets that might affect me later on.

The sun is going down on me.




Tatie said...

senang yo.
tayah pergi.
komfem tak dapat.

nyonya said...

u apply scholarship ke? i want one too! wahahaha. it's ok to try. kalo xdpt xpe, kalo dpt up to u la wheter u wanna accept it or not. kalo u xnk, bg i je. wahahahaha. good luck darl!

moja said...


bukan nak xdapat, nak yang right for me. Kalau FAIL itu yg right for me, I hope Allah will fail me. That's it.

moja said...


My mom did it for me actually. I don't have a clue.



irmasukainterviewS said...


just go for it. harung je la.
kan Tuhan tau yg terbaik.
klu dia bg lulus,ada hikmahnya. klu gagal pun ada sbb jgk.

nati klu lulus n u still xtau nk g ke x,kita kn ada sunat istikarah. do it. then u akan ok.

biasa la hidup. kita msti ada byk pilihan. bru la kehidupan. ok?

pndai je aku nasihat org ni ha. aku sendiri xreti nk plh. :D

emomotamus said...

this gonna be long...
moja dearest...
u said that ur dreams are shattered years ago... so does everybody elses dreams... and everything happened for a reason... u said u never failed in interviews but yet you dont know what you want... nobody does... even me.. u pray to god for better chances and yes... i think god has given you the chance.. this is the chance.. the starting point of achieving ur dearest dream... you might not be able to achieve your dream of being an aviator so that you are able to fulfill ur other dreams... think it that way... i know u never liked what you are doing know but look at the blessings... u might miss the opportunity of knowing ur WONDERFUL friends and experiencing other things in ur life... life always took a wrong turn but yet you discover something new... remember that this might be the starting point for u to achieve ur other dreams..

sorry for the oprah moment!!

nashrah said...

gluck! jgn ragu2. bc doa byk2. nervous is good. meaning ur ready. does dat make sense? hehe. xpe, tawakal. :)

nur aimi said...


Moja dearest tu aku nye line ok??

Mane leh curi! huhu~

Moja dearest,

If everything in life is smooth sailing for everyone, then, life wouldn't be so interesting now would it?

Plus, it's all these ups and downs, bumpy roads that adds to the beauty of life..

Everything happens for a reason, we all know that..

Just trust yourself in the decisions you make..

Don't stress out, and don't ever put yourself down..

Believe in yourself, because we all believe in you and what you are capable of..

Take care.. All the best k?


moja said...


Hey Ho, my biggest fan is baack!!

Thanks weh. But still, I hate the interviews. Suck big time.

moja said...


This is very long one indeed. You write essay or what?! Hahahha

However, thanks! really appreciate it! :P

moja said...


It is indeed make sense. *thinking*

Tawakal, yes Tawakkal.
Thanks gal!


moja said...


Aiyaak, perlu ke berebut over 'moja dearest' tuh? Hahahahaha

Thanks for the good luck wishes! Really appreciate it! :P

lovehatetragedy said...

hahaha... i'm confused. medsi test tomorrow or interview? it's a written test isnt it?

x pyh p la... gerenti x dpt... hehehe

izza said...

you wont fail man! relax! just do your best!

moja said...


Thanks aussie!

moja said...


muehehehe. Medsi je tomorrow. :P

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