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This is the BEST book I've ever read to date.

My favourite genre of reading is definetely something spiritual, motivating and doctrinal; I Love books that make me wonder, think and cry. That would be a good book according to me.

I feel like sharing this book to everyone that I know and to those who are unbeknownst to me just because this book; The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, is so inspiring and there's a lot of positivity and energy in this book! I've read this book in four sessions;

1st session: MPH Bookstore, 20-30 mins (August 19)
2nd session: Before bed, approximately 1 hour (August 19)
3rd session: In Chip's car. Yes, I can read in a moving vehicle. 1 1/2 hr. (August 20)
4th session: Dataran Pahlawan's McD. 5 minutes.

Randy Pausch ( October 23, 1960-July 25, 2008 ) was totally an amazing man. He was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and this book is about his last lecture that was delivered in September 18,2007 in Carnegie Mellon University. Realizing that he had only very few moths to live, he decided to live it in a very meaningful way; but not just for himself but also to those who are around him and around the globe. I am now, one out of thousands of people who had been touched by his last lecture and I am indeed very thankful for it.

You cannot change the cards you are dealt. Just how you play the hand.


For more information, click any of these links:

Official Page of The Last Lecture. Here.
The Wikipedia. Here.
YouTube. Here.


nur aimi said...


You have this book?

I want to borrow please!!

I saw this book at Kino a few weeks back and can't stop thinking about it..

I knew my instinct was right when I caught a glimpse of this book..

Pinjam pleaseeeee :-)

moja said...


One ringgit per week eyh?

You should ask your dad to get you one!!!


Tatie said...

ade perasaan rupenye kamu..
buli aku slalu tade perasaan.

moja said...


Mwahahahaha... Bila membuli kamu tidak perlu perasaan! Aehahahahaha!


nur aimi said...


RM1? nape tak mntak td?

I'll pay u when i see u k?

N yeah, I'm definitely gonna go book shopping with my dad soon..

Thanks again for the book k? :-)

Tatie said...

nobody loves me.
aimi..tgk moja ni aimi!!!!!!!!!!!!

nur aimi said...


I love u.. Vewy vewy much!


Sila jgn kacau tatiya saya ok?

Buli die, I'll pinch u like yesterday!

moja said...

Aimi, Tatie,

You know you Love me.


WaWa Shanana Diva said...

hallu! terharu u add my impudent unworthy imbecile hidup segan mati tak mahu blog into your list. but ive changed the add into lonewolfandtheredridinghood.blogspot.com. thought it suited myself more often than not. haha. not that it worth any reading pleasure though. Happy holiday. ;)

nur aimi said...


Love is such a strong word..

Hahaha :p

But I am in love with this book..

Thanks for lending it to me..


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