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Suddenly I feel like tagging people. My boredom leads to this insane behaviour, I think. 

So I opened my Friendster account and replying the Ramadhan and Merdeka wishes that I got. I wonder why they are so rajin to give those fancy messages and images. I always gave people just the plain text as a reply to their messages. Thanks to them anyway.

Hari ini saya ingin menceritakan tentang Featured Friends saya. Yes, it does sound silly but who cares, I HAVE to post something today. Addicted in blogging and crapping around.

1. Ijat

My bestfriend since I was in MRSM. Now he's studying in UPSI (hahahaha) and probably singing 'Kami Guru Malaysia' at the very moment I'm writing this. Sucks in Maths like I was and no.1 fan of Anuar Zain (wtf?). 

Similarities: Ipoh mali, Educational background.

2. Adif Faidz

Another bestfriend when I was in matriculation program. Posses a pair of profusely sweating palms and bad handwriting. Proud of Indonesia and Anwar Ibrahim no.1 fan. Shit. And both of us are desperately looking for wife candidates. Hahahaha!

Similarities: Politics, Religion, Girls, and yes, BAD handwriting.

3. Ban

Yet another bestfriend of mine. A big fan of Chip Foose and highly interested in car fabrication. His Honda Wave is his bestfriend. Hahaha!

Similarities: None.

4. Zaireen

Innocent, naive guy. Crazily in Love with a Taiping-girl right now and studying meds in Indonesia. We (his tutor-mate) called him Beeno owing to the fact that his albino-ish skin. Hahaha!

Similarities: Crap in mathematics. Damn.

5. Mizan

My best gossip partner. Hahaha! Possess a very, very, very good writing skill and nasty mouth. Don't mess with him or you shall pay even nastier price. 

Similarities: Hollywood, MRSM Taiping.

6. Qaliff

A poyo fella from MMU. Another failed product of MRSM Taiping, just like Mizan, Ijat and me. Hahaha! A very, very good Muazzin when we were in MRSM. Bdw, he got an iPhone. isk.

Similarities: Crush over iPhone


I wonder when will I put a GIRL profile as a featured friends. That's all for today's crapping session, fellas.

Now I can finally do my assignments.



Happy Ramadhan, people. Don't forget to tarawikh! 





Liyana said...

giler la rajin banget or xde idea nk blog ape???muahaha
laa perlu la touch on biler nk ltk a girl profile on featured friends??poyoss
happy merdeka day &happy ramadhan to u 2!!

irma said...

moja kebosana. blog la anda supaya sy tidak bosan~ :D

sy tau sy buta it. alat teknologi je canggih tpi reti. hmm.. cmna nk letak pic tu dkt blog? i mean dri fs tu blog?

ha,jgn gelak!xbaik tau. :(

niza syazre said...

muahahaha..a girl profile?no need la..ahahaha..one day ull find the best ok moja!btw, happy Merdeka n celebratin Ramadhan to all!

nur aimi said...

5. Mizan

Similarities: Hollywood, MRSM Taiping.


Apakah Moja???

Ala.. letak je profile aku.. abis cite.. hahaha :-P

moja said...


Hahahaha.. Aku masih single Ramadhan ini Li...
Xbleyh nak bawak balik menantu raya nih..



moja said...


Lawak je tuh... Hahahaha..

moja said...


Owh, saya hanya menggunakan kejaiban Mac saya. Rasanya kalau PC, bley je guna Paint. Print screen, and cut laa lepas tuh..



moja said...


Owh, Hollywood...
We are into Hollywood's gossips. Tu jer..


Liyana said...

nk bwk menantu??
hoi kamu bru 21 thn!!lek r...kui2
bwk balik diri yg sihat walafiat & waras jer okay aper??

moja said...


Hahahaha. Itu laa perancangan keluarga namanye. Muehehehe..

poyosss (bak kata ko)
Aku nyer calon mesti lah baik, beriman, cantik, bijak, pandai... bukan setakat waras, okeyh!


irma said...

nk jgk puji mac dia tuh.
xmau xmau xmau tau. :P

moja said...


Kalu ak xpuji, sape nak puji?

irma said...

rupanya senang je.
my vaio jugak sgt best. sila kagum sekarang! hahaha. :D

moja said...


Fuiyohh... Vaio tuhhh..


faidz said...

kuang hasam ko zol... ape peloh2...

moja said...


ko xnak ngaku ke?


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