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I missed  my Subuh prayer today. It seemed like nothing can wake me up today; neither my biological clock nor digital ones. I blame myself for letting me endure extreme exhaustion for three days in a row. So, today I'll give myself a rest. I hereby, officially declare that today is my "Lazzzzzzzy Sunday".

Well, I supposedly tag along with Acad, Azri and Chip to the fac (yes, again) to join a career talk by our senior, AD and Mdam Amy, but like I said, not performing my Subh prayer kinda ruined my mood a little bit. Plus, I have to clean and tidy-up my house because it definitely looks like a shipwreck.

I gave my mom a call after listening to Sami Yusuf's "Mother" this morn. I miss my mom and my home. Yeah, I am. I just can't wait to travel back to my Home this Saturday, InsyaAllah. I've been thinking to give Faez a call so I will have a companion back home. Later maybe. 


Our Ethos! Book Club seems to work quite well. While I was tidying my shelf this morning, I noticed that most of my books are GONE. Yes, I already missing them all. My books never been in the hands of a bunch of complete strangers before. So, I kinda worry and anxious about my books. It's harder that I thought but I always hope all my books are in a pink of health. :(


niza syazre said...

wah..u r such a great person!i respect u moja!seriously, i do...hmm..

nur aimi said...

boleh tak sy mahu me-redesign rumah anda?

hahaha :p

saya jobless dan saya suka membuat kerja-kerja itu :D

btw, don't worry k. I'm sure those people will handle your books with care :)

moja said...


Thank You. But I don't really think that I am a 'great' person. Too far from that 'title' I must say. :)

moja said...


Hahahaha.. You're highly welcome to do so!!! :P
But I pretty sure that you'll run away after seeing it. Hahahahaha.

Yeh, I REALLY2 hope the same too. Or else I'll hunt them dooownnnn!


irmaain said...

meh nk tlg kemas rumah tu. :p
blh buat blk cntik mcm sy punya. hoho. :D

sy pun klu bg pjm buku dkt ada byk syarat.
'jgn berlipat','jgn rosak'.'jgn buka buku luas2 sgt' and blablabla. hehehe.sometimes mereka fed-up tpi dorg xserik pun.

moja said...


Bagus ah. Ramai betul meng'volunteer'kan diri untuk mengemas. Muehehehe.


Agak laa. Kesian buku tuh! hahaha

name caye tajul said...

u have always been a lazy bum... but i'm always lazier...

nur aimi said...


I was serious about the offer..

moja said...


Hahahaha! Thank You! Tapi mcam xpayah kowt. Rumah nie pack laa. so, mcam susah sket nak move things. I just keep it neat n clean je. Hehehe. Nak cantik2 cam xmampu jer. :P

moja said...


Hahahaha. Itu sudah pasti. Anda lagi malas!! Hehehehehe!

Tatie said...

sape yg rosakkan bukan ethos! book club kita cubit ibu jari dia. oke?

moja said...


Hahahahaha! Alrighty! Xpown ko marah die macam ko marah aku datang lambat malam sabtu tuh. Hahahahahaha!


Tatie said...

aku marah ko datang lambat malam sabtu?

yer! aku akan marah camtu!

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